cody calafiore big brother 16 finale 'Big Brother 16's' Cody Calafiore doesn't regret taking Derrick over Victoria at the end“Big Brother 16” crowned a winner Wednesday (Sept. 24) when Derrick Levasseur won by a 7-2 vote during the live finale. Runner-up Cody Calafiore tells Zap2it that he knew it would be tough to beat Derrick, but he doesn’t regret taking him to the Final 2.

Zap2it: Congratulations on making it to the end, that must feel great.
Cody Calafiore: Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s crazy, coming into the house and getting to the Final 2. It’s an unbelievable feeling.

Were you surprised the vote was 7-2 in favor of Derrick?
Um, 7 to 2, yeah, I was a little shocked that it was 7-2. I knew it was going to be very difficult for me to beat him because of how bitter some of the jury members could have been, but I was expecting it to be a lot closer. But some of the votes I thought were going to go my way didn’t.

Whose votes did you expect that you didn’t get?

Victoria I thought would vote for me because she felt like Derrick betrayed her, and I really was shocked that Christine didn’t vote my way. That was a big shock to me. Then the last one would be Caleb. I really thought — going into it Caleb had mentioned a lot about not feeling that Derrick did much and then seeing that I won a lot of back-end comps, I thought that would be enough to convince Caleb to vote for me.

We think you would have easily beaten Victoria in the finals — did you consider taking her or were you always going to be loyal to Derrick?
It never crossed my mind once to take Victoria. It wasn’t even an option to me, it wasn’t something I thought about. It was always going to be Derrick and I going to the end if that could be an option. Winning that final HOH meant me sending Victoria home and getting ready to answer some jury questions.

Do you regret that decision now?
No, not at all. It would have been 20 times worse if I would have taken Victoria and then out of spite lost to her, but it also would have been pretty bad if I took Victoria and Derrick went home not being crowned anything when I owed a lot of my game to him and he was a really, really good player in the game.

Who are you looking forward to hanging out with outside the house the most?
Zach Attack — who would not be? He’s probably going to be a blast. I cannot wait to go out somewhere, bring him up to New Jersey, take him out in New York. I’m super excited to hang out with him. We really clicked a lot in the show. It’s unfortunate that I let a lot of things get to me with him, which made us a little distant in the week that he ended up going home. But he’s definitely someone I know I’ll stay in touch with.

Have you talked to Christine and/or her husband? Your friendship with her was quite the hot topic this summer.

Yeah, I found out that that brought a little bit of negative light to our relationship, which for me was pretty upsetting because I felt that her and I had an an extremely close relationship, we were extremely good friends. I never felt like we took it crazy over the line. Maybe the head rubs would make her husband a little upset — I wish I would have respected that a little bit more, but we had a really good friendship. I saw her husband afterward and he didn’t seem angry, didn’t seem bitter. Christine wouldn’t really look my way, which was a little tough. But he didn’t seem too bitter towards me, he handled it very maturely and after all the stories she told me about him, I didn’t expect him to handle it any other way.

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