"Big Brother 18" aired its Battle Back episode Friday (July 22), which pit the five evicted players against each other in head-to-head competitions for a chance to reenter the house.

Jozea won the first battle (sorry to see you go, Glenn), but Victor then beat Jozea, Bronte and TIffany to be the winner of the Battle Back. So, who does this benefit the most?

What was a sneaky move on Tiffany's part was telling Victor before she left, "Trust Frank, don't trust Day." With that, Tiffany may have just planted a game-changing bug in his ear about Frank.

Paul might be the easiest because he was tight with Victor before. If Victor can wrest Paul away from Paulie, things could get pretty interesting. At that point, it's four vs four with four people up in the air.

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Michelle probably isn't flipping, but James and Natalie could maybe be persuaded.

It's not that we necessarily want the Frank/Bridgette side of the house in power, but how boring will it be if Victor re-enters the house and Paul immediately gets him to align with the showmances? It's much more exciting for us viewers if there are two warring factions that are basically even in numbers.

However, the power this week all hinges on who wins the next Head of Household competition, the results of which we should know Friday night when the feeds come back on at midnight ET/9 p.m. PT.

Also, what's up with the secret room twist? Will the show give them a hint about it so they at least know to start looking for clues? And when does that start? So many questions for when the feeds return.

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