The “Big Brother 18” feeds got a little ugly in the wee hours of the morning Friday (July 8). Live feed watchers know that Frank Eudy has been making the female houseguests uncomfortable and Friday it all came to a head with Da’Vonne. Read on to find out what happened, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

The last straw

At 1:28 a.m. PT on cameras 3 and 4, Frank exits one of the bedrooms and then from off camera there can be heard a loud smack and Da’Vonne yelling, “Stop hitting me on my ass, Frank!”

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It was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Day. This is not the first time Frank has done this to Day (and other women) in the house. He also has called Day a slut and said things to her like “ooh, titties sittin’ right,” all of which are not game related and are harassment. Now, CBS has pretty much always had a strict policy that verbally anything goes in the house. This is a game, the houseguests are meant to be at each other’s throats and horrible things get said sometimes.

But smacking women’s butts is a different story. If Frank had hit someone in the house, he would be expelled. Physical contact is a big no-no. While Frank may not mean anything malicious by his actions, the fact that it is unwanted physical contact on the part of the women means that his behavior should have been curbed long ago.

After a lengthy Diary Room session, Day explains to some of her fellow houseguests that the way he behaves is not OK.

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“I don’t want my daughter to look back at these episodes be like, ‘Oh, it’s OK for a man to call a woman a slut? It’s OK for a man to smack a woman on her ass? It’s OK for a man to say, ‘Ooh, titties sittin’ right.’? No!” she says, adding later that she had to speak up. “I don’t want her to think it’s OK because mommy kept her mouth closed.”

The fallout

Da’Vonne apparently complained to production about it. At 2:04 a.m. PT on cameras 1 and 2, she tells James and Natalie, “”I told [production] and they were going to talk to a supervisor.”

At the same moment on cameras 3 and 4, Paulie pulls Frank aside to give him a talking to about it. Frank insists, “It’s just the way I grew up, bro,” but Paulie says that if Frank were doing that to his (Paulie’s) sister, he would not be OK with that.

Later, at 3:13 a.m. PT on cameras 1 and 2, Paulie tells Zakiyah “He views it like messing around … like he’s considering the girls like family ’cause like me and Cody, we’ll mess with our sister … but I would never do that to any of you girls. Even if I felt like I was super close with y’all, like sisters, at the end of the day, we’re not family and like, if I was watching the show and someone did that to my sister … I’d have that motherfucker’s hands broken by the time he got off the show. I respect Day by not making a big deal out of it, but just kind of like saying, ‘Hey man, I’m not OK with that.'”

The fact of the matter is, Day really had no choice in how she reacted — because Frank’s team is in power this week. If she had reacted physically, as she says she wanted to do, she would have gotten kicked off the show (the fairness of which … let’s not even get into that, since it didn’t happen). But even if she had kept herself in check physically and just gone off on Frank verbally, that’s a dangerous game to play this week.

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It’s probably also why no one has really confronted Frank about this except Paulie (and that was a very lowkey chat). Because Frank’s team has been HOH and the squeaky wheels get evicted on “Big Brother.” So what should have happened? Production should have been a voice for the houseguests who feel they can’t stand up to Frank.

It’s about respecting women and respecting boundaries. CBS should have stepped in after the first butt-smack, not after the fifth (or whatever number this is). What will be REALLY interesting is to see how this gets edited for Sunday’s show. Will it be shown at all? Because it’s not particularly pertinent to the game right now. Plus, if we recall correctly, Frank got a pretty charitable edit on Season 14. He won America’s Player, despite the live-feed watchers not being overly thrilled with him.

Will CBS sweep this under the rug, or will Frank get called out on his inappropriate behavior? We’ll see on Sunday.

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