Week 2 in the “Big Brother 18” house has been a bit quieter than the first week  — say what you will about Jozea, but he was a character. However, there are two days until the next eviction and people are starting to get squirrelly about this week’s target. Read on to find out what the house situation is, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

The nominees

After Paulie won HOH, he nominated Bronte and Paul. They were not, however, his targets. The plan all along has been to backdoor Victor, i.e. nominate him after someone uses the Power of Veto.

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The plan worked perfectly. The only hiccup would have been if Victor, as the Road Kill winner, had nominated himself (because then he could have played for POV), but he did not. He put up Tiffany and then Paulie won POV and kept his nominations the same.

It looked like all was going according to plan, until …

The Fatal Five Four

big brother 18 fatal four BB 18 alliances are shifting, will the week 2 target be next?

Over the weekend, the majority of the Fatal Five alliance — Da’Vonne, Nicole, Michelle and Zakiyah — decided that Tiffany is too much of a liability to keep around very long. Of course, they did not tell Tiffany this and as of now, she is still part of the Eight Pack and is being reassured she won’t go home this week.

However, Da’Vonne just couldn’t leave well enough alone and on Monday (July 4), she put a bug in Frank’s ear about how Tiffany wants him out before Jury. Now, that part is true — Tiffany does want Frank out. But Day making it sound as though only Tiffany wants him out, and that’s not the case. The entire Fatal Five have been talking about evicting Frank if one of them wins the next HOH.

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Obviously, Day wouldn’t tell Frank that, but by revealing Tiffany wants him out, she is A) setting herself up to get caught in a big ol’ lie and B) the person she’s throwing under the bus is on the block this week, which is a dangerous game to play right now.

If Day would just play it cool, the Fatal Five could keep right on trucking as male houseguests get evicted one by one. But now the guys are suspicious of the girls and there has even been talk about keeping Victor in order to knock the girls’ side of the house down a number …

The guys

big brother 18 james frank corey paulie BB 18 alliances are shifting, will the week 2 target be next?

Flashback on the feeds to 9:45 p.m. PT on cameras 1 and 2. James, Paulie, Corey and Frank are in the HOH room, and James brings up that he’s starting to get suspicious of the girls.

“I do have a little concern, though … I’m getting a vibe off [the girls] … they keep huddling up, talking, but when I go in there, you know, they’re talking and then they try to change the whole subject about something else … I feel like they’re talking about something, but I don’t know what … We gotta be careful,” he says.

Now, James means the Spy Girls (Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette) plus Tiffany, but either way, this is bad news for the Fatal Five too, because if the guys get too nervous, they may change targets and it would not be hard to get the votes to evict Tiffany. In fact, this is the conversation that then took place:

James: “Tiffany’s trying to be a ringleader, but like a secret ringleader.”
Frank: “She wants me out, bro.”
Paulie: “We might have to nip that stuff in the bud … should we fucking keep Vic in this week and vote someone else?”

Frank says no, they should stick to the plan, but the seeds are planted, and Tiffany could be in some trouble this week. If Tiffany has an emotional meltdown and Frank and his boys decide she needs to go, they would easily have the votes. There are 10 votes this week and if Frank, Corey and James decided Tiffany has to go, they would easily get Paul’s vote. Then they convince Natalie and Bridgette (which would not be hard) and that’s six, which is bye-bye Tiffany.

It seems a bit farfetched at this point, but there’s a long time for everyone to sit and stew in the house before Thursday’s (July 7) live eviction. It would not surprise us at all if the house flips by then.

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