The “Big Brother 18” live feeds have so far been relatively subdued compared to past seasons. Jozea is always good for some outrageous statements, but by and large it’s been about the two alliances making plans in secret and outwardly managing to mostly get along.

All that changed in the wee hours of Wednesday (June 29) morning. Warning: Spoilers from the live feeds ahead.

Right before 2 a.m. PT on cameras 1 and 2, Paul dragged Bronte out of bed and into the backyard so that he, Victor and Jozea could basically berate her for having “girl talk” with her friends in the house.

“I don’t like this whole Bridgette ‘feminist power’ thing … there’s no need for feminist thinking,” says Jozea.

Paul adds, “It’s getting fucking old fast … when I come in there and she tells me it’s fucking girl talk, I want to turn around the punch her in the face. … we’re a team, this isn’t girl talk … I can’t do this, I cannot deal with women. I’m over it, I’m done.”

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But the girls aren’t their only problem. They also think James is trying to pull them apart and that he’s some kind of mastermind in the house, plus that he said Victor asked Nicole out on a date (James didn’t say that). That’s when things got especially ugly.

“I wanna fuck that guy up so bad,” says Victor. “I just wanna break this fucking pool stick over James’ goddamn head.”

Paul then breaks down what his teammates should be doing versus what they are doing.

"You stay together, you fucking trust each other, you shut the fuck up and you work together. But instead you let little Korean man invade your brain, what the fuck are you doing?" he says.

This continues for a while, then around 2:36 a.m., Paul says he's going to completely lose his mind if Jozea gets evicted.

"I will fucking punch people in the mouth if homeboy goes home. I'll just fucking [punch, punch] and get arrested," says Paul.

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A few minutes later in the safari room, Jozea talks about how "Bridgette's a bitch" because she's friendly with the other side of the house, to which Bronte says, "We can't trust Bridgette."

She adds of James, "I damn near choked him. I will send you back to Hong Kong!"

So, that's a real crackerjack group of houseguests in the Revolution alliance. However, it'll just make it that much more amazing if the Eight Pack can keep their mouths shut for one more day and evict Jozea in a rather epic blindside.

For the record, while James may be of Korean heritage, he was born and raised in South Carolina. And Hong Kong ... is in the People's Republic of China.

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