The "Big Brother 18" houseguests finally did something interesting Wednesday (July 13) and it should make for a fun live eviction show on Thursday night. Read on to find out what new plot is afoot, but be warned -- spoilers from the live feeds.

The new plan

A status update -- Bronte, Paul and Tiffany are on the block. Tiffany is HOH Bridgette's target, though really that means Tiff is Frank's target because Frank has been completely puppetmastering Bridgette's HOH reign.

However, all week long, Nicole and Corey have been waffling about whether it's in their best interest to evict Tiffany like Frank wants (spoiler alert -- it's not). Late Wednesday they finally wised up to how much more advantageous it is to keep Tiffany, evict Bronte and leave Frank completely twisting in the wind.

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So beginning at roughly 9:50 p.m. PT on cameras 1 and 2, Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Michelle and (later) Zakiyah got together and decided to keep Tiffany and evict Bronte.

It's a solid plan, because now Tiffany is grateful to them (they've clued her in on what's going to happen) and if any of the six of them win HOH, they're all gunning for Frank. Meanwhile, if Frank wins HOH, he'll be gunning for Tiffany again and also probably Da'Vonne, so that leaves the five people who voted out Bronte safe either way.

There's only one problem we foresee ...

Hurricane Day

Da'Vonne has been part of the "evict Bronte" movement all week and now it's plunging ahead without her. We think this is a big mistake on the part of the five people voting to evict Bronte. Think about it -- when Da'Vonne gets blindsided, then she'll know she's on the outs of that alliance, whereas if they simply tell her about the vote, they can all vote together and she'll feel part of the group. Then they can go after her down the line after Frank and Bridgette are gone.

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But if they alienate Da'Vonne, who's to say she won't flip and start aligning with Frank, Bridgette, Natalie, James and Paul because she feels slighted by her so-called friends in the house?

We can see not telling James -- he's too tight with Natalie and if he tells her, she'll freak out and tell Frank, Bridgette and Bronte. But keeping Da'Vonne in the dark seems like a big mistake for the game play of Nicole/Corey/Zakiyah/Paulie/Michelle alliance.

Either way, it should make for a really fun Thursday night show IF everyone can keep their mouths shut for the next few hours. Blindsides are always delicious and Frank, Bridgette and Bronte won't know what hit them.

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