Victor Arroyo became the second houseguest evicted from the "Big Brother 18" house -- third total to leave -- Thursday (July 7) by an unsurprising vote of 9-1. The only person who didn't vote for him to stay was Paul, which makes sense because they were close in the house.

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But that was not what fans were interested in this week. Victor's eviction was a foregone conclusion, but the new Head of Household winner was the real meat of the episode. Bridgette was crowned the new HOH and that spells the continued domination of Category 4.

1. Category 4, held steady

big brother category 4 BB 18 power rankings week 3: The domination continues

Category 4 is continuing their absolute domination of competitions and game play. Not only have they managed not to have a member evicted, but they've won HOH two out of the three times. The Category 4 members are sitting very pretty, at least until the teams are broken up.

It's a shame, because it would have been a lot of fun to see if Da'Vonne could pull off her "evict Frank" plan. Alas, we'll have to wait for next week for that.

2. Team Unicorn, up 2 spots

big brother team unicorn BB 18 power rankings week 3: The domination continues

Now, Unicorn did lose Victor this week. But Bridgette winning HOH is the best possible outcome for the Unicorns if they themselves couldn't win it. Bridgette is aligned with both Natalie and Bronte, and James is her buddy. These three should be safe -- and also have some influence in who Bridgette nominates.

3. The Freakazoids, drop 1 spot

big brother freakazoids BB 18 power rankings week 3: The domination continues

For not being Bridgette's allies, this team probably has the edge over Team Big Sister. Tiffany and Corey will probably be safe, as Corey is not yet on anybody's radar and Tiffany is in tight with the Spy Girls. Nicole is the only one who may end up being targeted, if Bridgette wants to go after a veteran.

4. Team Big Sister, down 1 spot

big brother big sister BB 18 power rankings week 3: The domination continues

This team is in some trouble. Neither Da'Vonne nor Zakiyah are close with Bridgette, so if the Spy Girls want to target a female player who is outside their alliance, Day and Zak could be in some trouble. Paul also needs to watch out -- he's essentially alone in the house, so he's an easy eviction to keep blood off Bridgette's hands.

Overall, it'll be very interesting to see who Bridgette decides to go after. The house has been a bit all over the place this past week, so alliances are constantly shifting. Keep checking back with Zap2it for updates throughout the weekend.

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