The "Big Brother 18" house was shaping up to deliver an excellent eviction episode Thursday (July 14) ... and it delivered on half of the exciting things viewers were anticipating. Read on to see how Zap2it's power rankings have shifted in light of the latest eviction and Head of Household competition, but be warned of spoilers if you haven't watched the episode.

1. Category 4, held steady

big brother category 4 BB 18 power rankings week 4: Can anyone stop Category 4?

The Category 4 team of Bridgette, Paulie, Frank and Michelle continues its epic domination of the competitions. This team has won three of the first four HOH competitions, two of the first three Road Kill comps and two of the first three Power of Veto comps. That's some serious competition game right there.

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The first exciting thing of the night happened when Bronte went home, but the second one was thwarted by Paulie winning HOH for the second time. It had been looking like a fun week where the majority of the house would be gunning for Frank, but now that his team has HOH again, he can't be targeted.

We weren't inherently against the team twist, but it really seems as though the Road Kill winner should be allowed to nominate anyone in the game except the HOH. Alas, that is not the case and these four will be safe another week.

2. The Freakazoids, up 1 spot

big brother freakazoids BB 18 power rankings week 4: Can anyone stop Category 4?

It's a real toss up between the Freakazoids and Team Big Sister for who is in spot No. 2 and who is in spot No. 4 -- because it all depends on who Paulie chooses to target.

But something tells us that Da'Vonne is going to be a bigger target this week than Tiffany. Frank badly wants Da'Vonne out and he will probably blame her for the house flipping on Bronte (even though she's not really the one responsible). If Frank can get in Paulie's ear about Da'Vonne, that may mean Tiffany is safe this week.

Plus, Paulie is tight with Corey and therefore won't target him or his blooming showmance partner, Nicole -- and Corey/Nicole have kind of decided they don't trust Day, so that's another side working on Paulie to target Da'Vonne.

3. Team Unicorn, down 1 spot

team unicorn big brother BB 18 power rankings week 4: Can anyone stop Category 4?

Yes, the Unicorns are the first team to lose two members. However, no one is going to be gunning for either of the two remaining members this week. No one sees James or Natalie as a threat, so they should be in good shape this week.

4. Team Big Sister, held steady

big brother big sister BB 18 power rankings week 4: Can anyone stop Category 4?

The only person on this team who is safe is Zakiyah. Her showmance partner is HOH, so she's fine. But Da'Vonne may be in some trouble this week, particularly if Frank continues to win the Road Kill comp. Paul also may be in some trouble, only by virtue of the fact that he's an easily expendable pawn. Sometimes the pawn goes home, as "Big Brother" viewers know, and Paul is an easy person to nominate because he really doesn't seem to care that much.

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