It’s time for Zap2it’s weekly “Big Brother 18” power rankings — and they’re a bit different in week 5 because the teams have been disbanded, the Road Kill competition is over and there are only two nominees from here on out.

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This means people are no longer protected by their teammate’s HOH win, which immediately put a very strong competitor in the HOH’s crosshairs. Read on to find out how things are shaping up this week, but be warned — spoilers from the live feeds.

1. James

After an endurance competition that topped five hours, James emerged as the new Head of Household. That isn't the only reason he's in the No. 1 spot, however. James has been playing an impeccable social game -- everyone loves him. He also has yet to win anything before now, so no one sees him as a huge threat. The only thing James really has to watch out for is getting cut later in the game, because he's so well-liked that he's almost sure to win if he's in the final two.

2. Natalie

The BB cheerleader is likewise sitting pretty this week, but that's mostly because of her alliance with James. They've gotten really close, so she's in absolutely zero danger this week. Add to that the fact that most of the house likes her and the Jatalie (Names?) showmance may go quite far in the game as the houseguests focus on what they perceive to be bigger threats.

3. Victor

This may be a controversial No. 3, but think about it -- if, say, Tiffany or Jozea had re-entered the house, they would have been immediate targets. Now, we don't know the exact order of how things transpired, but it appears that the Battle Back competitions all took place before the week 5 HOH competition, so Victor would have had a chance to play for HOH and therefore could have been a nominee this week. But he wasn't.

So that's huge -- if he can keep his head down and align with the right people, he might be in really good shape for the next few weeks.

4. Paul

The bearded muffin man is in the same boat as Victor. Nobody is targeting him right now. If the two of them somehow managed to save one of the nominees (Frank and Bridgette) with the POV and then got enough votes to evict the re-nom, there could be a huge power shift in the house. It could be a really fun week.

5. The showmance alliance

Sitting in the middle of the pack are the Corey/Nicole and Paulie/Zakiyah showmances. As of right now, they are all safe. But it's only a matter of time before the rest of the house wises up to how dangerous this foursome could be -- if the house ever does, of course. There's always a chance that by the time anyone wants to turn on them, they don't have the numbers.

It'll also be interesting to see how tight the two couples stay. Paulie and Corey both claim they won't be blinded by their respective snuggle buddies, so there's also the chance that they start working with Frank in an all-guys alliance. There have been rumblings of that since the feeds returned Friday night. But we'll see.

9. Michelle

Oh, Michelle. If you would get off your butt and really start playing, you might be able to make some things happen in the house. As it is, this girl seems content to just float along and vote with the house. Which -- that is a legitimate strategy, especially early on in the game. But eventually she's going to have to shore up an alliance and she's totally the fifth wheel if it's the showmances. So really, she should be trying to get together with Paul, Victor, Da'Vonne, Frank and Bridgette to see what they can make happen this week. But at least she's not in danger, like ...

10. Da'Vonne

Day isn't on the block this week ... yet. But if Frank or Bridgette comes down after POV, there will be some pressure on James to put Da'Vonne up. It's not a sure thing that he will, but you know the showmances will be in his ear telling him that's the smart move.

11. Bridgette

Frank's buddy is on the block this week and that's never a good place to be. However, she's not the target -- at least, she wasn't originally. James, Paulie and Corey all seem to be waffling about getting Frank out now that they've nominated him, so if the tide turns, Bridgette may find herself out the door. The guys are getting a little obsessed with the girls vs. guys mentality and having the numbers in the house. They may decide they need to keep Frank and get Bridgette out.

12. Frank

As of right now, however, Frank is the target this week. It feels like he'll probably stick around -- either by winning POV, convincing someone to save him who wins POV or because he "finds" (read: production tells him) the secret room.

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