It's been a pretty boring week in the "Big Brother 18" house because the eviction has been a foregone conclusion since Paul won the Power of Veto. But there was some decent game play going on in the wee hours of Thursday (Aug. 25) morning that may change things. Read on to find out what, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

Victor and Paul's plan

These guys finally see the writing on the wall -- Victor is going home because James is going to vote him out. James seems to have decided he's all in with Nicole and that means keeping Corey around. You can't fault James -- it's not like Corey is some huge threat and Victor is not. They've both won their fair share of competitions, they both have allies in the jury house. So James has chosen his path and that's that.

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Except for Natalie. Victor and Paul know that if they can convince Natalie that they aren't as tight as people think they are and that Nicorey is the dangerous duo to keep in the house, they might have a chance this week because Natalie could convince James to vote to keep Victor.

They did a pretty job Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, with Paul trying to buddy up with Nicorey so that it looks like they're flipping. And Victor has been swearing up and down to Natalie and Michelle that he will target Paul next week if that's what they want.

Jealous James

The problem seems to be, however, that James gets really jealous when Natalie tries to convince him to keep Victor. Remember how Natalie and Victor had some kind of pre-feeds showmance? James has not forgotten that and he is apparently so insecure in his relationship with Natalie that he can't really even entertain the idea of keeping Victor.

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It's a shame, because Victor is infinitely more likable than Corey. But if James' argument was about how strong Victor is as a player, that would be one thing. Instead, he's just coming across kind of petty and ridiculous with the whole jealousy thing.

The returning juror

Victor has proven to be a competition beast, so even if he's evicted, his game might not be over yet. But really, any juror returning other than Zakiyah would be an interesting shake-up to the house -- even Paulie, though please let it not be Paulie.

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