The "Big Brother 18" house got pretty exciting a week ago when Paulie was nominated for eviction and it feels like there is no letting up in that department, so feed watchers are probably in for a fun week. Read on for Zap2it's latest power rankings, but be warned -- the Head of Household competition took place late Thursday (Aug. 18) night, so there are spoilers ahead for who won and who his or her targets are.

Also, caveat: The care package winner will determine a lot, which we will address.

UPDATE: The winner of the care package is Michelle, which will make things pretty interesting this week.

1. Natalie, up 3 spots

Look at Ms. Natalie, winning her first competition in what is kind of a critical week for her alliance. She's sitting pretty -- though obviously, she doesn't know she's only getting one nominee this week.

And unfortunately, she appears to have made a deal with the devil -- Nicorey. Nicole and Corey were up with Natalie and James nearly all night and the four of them are a solid alliance (for now).

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But Natalie is safe and she's well liked in the house. Gotta say, it's been five years since a woman has won "Big Brother" and we would not be upset if Natalie won. She hasn't played that hard yet, but sometimes that's the best play. Keep your head down and then quietly dominate the second half of the season.

UPDATE: Will Natalie's target change now that she only gets one nominee? Not likely. Paul will be going up, the only question is who he will be sitting next to.

2. Michelle, up 3 spots

Why is Michelle so high? A couple reasons. First, she isn't anyone's target this week. Natalie is targeting Paul because she has heard he wants to target herself and James. Secondly, in Big Brother Network's care package poll, Michelle is winning. That doesn't necessarily mean she's going to get it, but she could -- and that would be big for her side of the house.

UPDATE: Will Michelle fold to Natalie's whims and nominate Victor? Or will she put up Nicole or Corey and hope to swing the vote? Or perhaps nominate James and really blow up the game? There are only three votes this week, because as HOH, Michelle doesn't get to vote. So if James would flip, the house could get Corey or Nicole out. Conversely, if James goes up, Michelle would have to flip Nicorey.

3. James, held steady

You'd think Natalie's snugglebunny would be No. 2 and if this were a normal week, he would be. But it would not surprise us at all if the care package recipient decides to put James on the block. The house is down to three pairs plus Michelle, so if the Natalie/James pair is in power, whoever gets the CP would be wise to try to break that up. He could be in a bit of trouble this week.

If the CP winner comes from MVP (Michelle, Victor and Paul), their best bet is to nominate James and then convince Nicorey that he's got to go. It could certainly happen. But if he stays off the block, he's safe. Natalie would never use him as re-nom.

4. Victor, down 2 spot

Natalie wants to nominate Victor and Paul this week, but again -- she can't and doesn't know it. Paul is her target and he will most likely be her nominee. Will the CP recipient decide Victor is the one to put beside Paul? Not if the CP recipient wants to target another pair, like Natalie/James or Corey/Nicole. We shall see.

5. Nicole, up 1 spot

Nicole and Corey have made a deal to work with James and Natalie, so you'd think they would be safe this week. But the darn CP is probably going to muck that all up (yay for the CP). Victor, Paul and Michelle are wise to being the other side of the house opposite the two couples, so if one of them wins the CP, Nicole could go up. However, we think the bigger target will probably be ...

6. Corey, up 1 spot

Corey should be worried this week. Natalie's not targeting him, but the CP recipient might. Also, even if he's not the direct target, he's a big threat in the game and makes an excellent re-nom if someone uses the POV. In fact, that's the way we would try to get Corey out -- don't even let him play for POV, you can't risk it. However, even if he's nominated next to Paul, the numbers are in his favor, so the last person on the list is ...

7. Paul, down 6 spots

Paul is in some trouble if Natalie decides he's going to be her nominee. The house might decide the lovable bearded dude has got to go because he's too likable. He has also won a couple competitions, so while he's not a major competition threat, he's not a pushover in that department either.

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Now, if Paul wins the CP, then obviously he's not No. 7 on the list. He bounces right up to No. 2. But if he doesn't get it, he's in danger this week and if he does get it, Victor will most likely take Paul's place on the block. It's going to be a tough week for the Paul/Victor/Michelle trio (though Michelle is easily the safest out of the three).

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