“Big Brother 18” came down to two decently strong competitors and one person who maybe didn’t deserve to win the money — so, who took home the $500K prize and did he or she deserve it? Be warned: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the BB18 finale.

No offense to James Huling, but he just did not have a strong argument to win the game. It’s nice that he got to the end, but “Big Brother” winners should have earned their money, not simply flown under the radar all the way to the end.

After Paul Abrahamian won the final HOH, he could have taken James with him to most likely lock up the prize. But Paul wanted to beat the best, he said it repeatedly on the live feeds leading up to the live finale.

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So Paul took Nicole Franzel to the finals with him and it was a $450,000 decision, because Nicole beat him in a 5-4 vote. Wow. That is a bit of a shock.

Look, Nicole played a sneaky game, but as Victor asked in his finale question — did Nicole really play a good game or did she ride the guys’ coattails to the end?

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It’s certainly up for debate, but from where we’re standing, Nicole rode coattails. She was content to hide behind the guys’ alliance all summer and didn’t really have a great strategy for herself, while Paul figured out the game fairly early on and proceeded to either make big moves or save himself on multiple occasions.

It’s not a robbery on the level of Lisa over Danielle in Season 3, but it’s certainly not a win where the best player won the money.

However … props must be given to the fact that no woman has ever won “Big Brother” over a man in a male-female final two until Nicole beat Paul, so congrats to Nicole on her win. Unfortunately, if she was going to win over a guy, it should have been Nicole beating James, not Nicole beating Paul.

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