It’s time again to crown a new “Big Brother” winner, but before Julie Chen gives out another $500K check, we’re taking a look back at the 17 winners that came before.

In a poll of “Big Brother” fans on Twitter, the winners shook out into three distinct groups — best, worst and most divisive (with a couple leftover winners who don’t really fit in anywhere).

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What’s the criteria for being best or worst? That’s up to the individual fans, but Will Kirby tells us that he thinks students of the game “recognize outstanding game play and entertainment.”

Here are the results:

The best winners

5. Evel Dick Donato

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He's definitely the most controversial of the besties, but even people who dislike Evel Dick admit that he played one heck of a game in BB8.

4. Derrick Levasseur

derrick Big Brother winners: The best, worst and most divisive

Even Julie Chen thinks Derrick is the best to ever play the game, though several fans would argue with that assertion. One even called Derrick the "most overrated."

3. Jun Song

BB4 was a highly entertaining season, dominated by two ladies who were kicking butt and taking names. It's one of the few seasons where it's too bad both finalists couldn't win because Alison Irwin totally deserved to win alongside Jun.

2. Dan Gheesling

dan gheesling big brother karate kid Big Brother winners: The best, worst and most divisive

After getting off to a rocky start, Dan quietly dominated BB10 -- and he should have won BB14.

1. Will Kirby

Evil Dr. Will just barely eked out first place over Dan, but he really is the GOAT of "Big Brother." If you're a fairly new fan of the show, do yourself a favor and go watch Season 2 to see how it's done because it still holds up -- even Kirby thinks so.

"An entertaining, well-deserved winner will stand the test of time and stay relevant because they provided true value that the view appreciated," he tells us, adding that he thinks he would do well on "Big Brother" nowadays, whether as a veteran or a newbie.

Kirby is probably right, and he also should be a two-time winner. He kind of threw "Big Brother: All Stars" to his Chilltown buddy Mike Boogie.

The worst winners

5. Andy Herren

tumblr inline mr2vy4r2nj1qz4rgp Big Brother winners: The best, worst and most divisive

We don't really agree with this one, but the fans have spoken. Using a sneaky floater strategy isn't something BB fans generally like, but we thought Andy played a perfectly fine game. Not one of the best, but definitely not one of the worst.

4. Steve Moses

Steve didn't play a terrible game, but Vanessa Rousso totally deserved to win BB17. He did get Vanessa out and that's something, but BB fans are not fans of Steve as a winner.

3. Jordan Lloyd

34d16069fbff09aeda219e3e2cc751f3da5ae186 r Big Brother winners: The best, worst and most divisive

This was a definite case of "nicest person wins." Runner-up Natalie Martinez was not well liked, but she played much harder than Jordan did. Still, it's not quite the biggest robbery in BB history, which is ...

2. Lisa Donahue

No offense to Lisa, but she only won because the jury was so bitter against Danielle Reyes, the runner-up. It was actually this ridiculous vote that led to the show sequestering the jury so they couldn't go home and watch the season in its entirety.

1. Adam Jasinski

Not only was BB9 the worst season -- thanks, writers' strike -- but Jasinski is easily the worst winner. Did he play the worst game? No. But using your winnings to fund dealing drugs and then going to jail is about as bad as it gets. Sorry, nope.

Most divisive

There were five BB players who received just as many "best" votes as "worst" votes: Drew Daniel (BB5), Maggie Ausburn (BB6), Mike "Boogie" Malin (BB7), Rachel Reilly (BB13) and Ian Terry (BB14).

Fans are wildly split on how they feel about these players, which seems to mostly hinge on one of two things -- either how they feel about them as a person (Rachel, Maggie) or whether someone else deserved to win their season (Drew, Ian, Boogie).

tumblr lt632wbxgs1qey9s7 Big Brother winners: The best, worst and most divisive

The leftovers

Hayden Moss and Eddie McGee barely received any mentions, which is no surprise. Hayden was a perfectly serviceable winner, but nothing flashy enough to make him best or worst. Eddie, meanwhile, is hard to quantify because "Big Brother 1" was a wildly different animal than subsequent seasons.

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