“Big Brother: Over the Top” kicked off Wednesday (Sept. 28) with an incredibly delightful opening that saw all 13 houseguests introduced to the house, each other and the viewers.

But by 5 a.m. in the “BBOTT” house, a strong alliance had formed and the ladies of the house better be ready to play for the Head of Household Thursday.

The ‘Four Horsemen’

They don’t have an official name yet — and they know “Four Horsemen” was used back in Season 5 — but late in the night in the London bedroom, Shane, Scott, Monte and Cornbread decided they need to make a solid pact to work together and that they need to take out a girl the first week because right now the girls outnumber the guys in the house.


The ladies

There are a few women interested in an all-girl alliance, based on their pre-show interviews, but nothing was solidified on the first night in the house. So the ladies are going to have to quickly figure out what they want to do because the men are coming for them and we could be in for a very long season if there isn't a strong force opposing the Four Horsemen or whatever they're going to call themselves.

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We aren't saying this because we hate the men or it's some kind "GIRL POWER!" thing, but the fact of the matter is that an all-girl alliance has NEVER worked in "Big Brother" and it'd be fun to see that happen one of these seasons. The closest we've come to that was watching Jun and Alison dismantle the "BB 4" house and remember how fun that was? Or, if you don't, go watch it on CBS All Access because it was pretty awesome.

Furthermore, it's no fun at all to watch one alliance run roughshod over the entire house. That makes for a boring summer. The Four Horsemen need an opposing force to keep things interesting.

Our picks for the other alliance

Alex and Whitney seem like the biggest students of the game and Whitney actually annoyed us a lot less than we thought she would, so they'd be good leaders. Alex-Morgan are obviously a duo and they need an alliance that can protect them, so Morgan would be in. Add in Neeley and Kryssie and that's a fairly solid group.

Shelby and Danielle are the wild cards, it was hard to get a read on them night one. They both seemed to hit it off with Jason, so a trio alliance working against the other two alliances might be in the cards for Jason, Danielle and Shelby.

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The only true outsider seems to be Justin. He doesn't know the show -- like, at all -- and nobody seems to know what to make of him. Plus he spent a solid 15 minutes in the hammock basically pledging his undying love for Danielle, which started out sweet and then quickly got weird. He would actually be an easy first eviction, but it would probably hinge on a woman winning HOH, based on the Four Horsemen talk.

What do you think, "BBOTT" fans? Rooting for the four guys or do you hope the women can coordinate a strong alliance?

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