The second Head of Household competition of "Big Brother: Over the Top" took place late Wednesday (Oct. 5) and it wasn't long before there was already a controversy surrounding the winner.

The competition involved the houseguests standing on boxes, holding a joust-like sword out in front of them to keep their "crowns" pinned to a photo of themselves. After the first hour, everyone had to stop holding with two hands.

At 10:22 p.m. PT, Alex (the eventual winner) got a warning from Big Brother to make sure her right hand was not assisting in keeping her sword in place. Watch for yourself:

Of course, Alex claims it wasn't touching her sword, though it does kind of look like her hand may have been bracing the sword from inside the bag they were given to keep their hands warm.

On the one hand, when Big Brother and outgoing HOH Monte read the rules, the exact wording was, "At the one-hour mark, Big Brother will require you to hold your sword with only one hand for the remainder of the competition."

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Holding your sword and bracing your sword are two different things -- and the argument that supports this is that no one was warned or disqualified for bracing their sword against their torso, which means no one was technically "holding the sword with only one hand," as Big Brother instructed at the one-hour mark.

In fact, shortly after 11 p.m. the eliminated houseguests talk about how not all of them thought to brace the sword against their bodies, but the rules never explicitly said that you couldn't.

On the other hand, Alex did get a warning, so obviously what she was doing was considered different than from what everyone else was doing.

Some "BBOTT" fans were crying foul on Twitter, saying she should have been DQ'd, but it's really hard to tell exactly what was going on -- and it does not look like she was actually holding the sword with her other hand.

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After the competition, Danielle and Jason talk about how Alex kept doing it even after she was warned (12:55 a.m. PT, cameras 1 and 2), but we aren't so sure they're right. It really depends on which angle you look at Alex from. In these screengrabs, which were taken within a few minutes of each other, on the left it looks like she's bracing again, but on the right she clearly isn't.

alex big brother ott hoh BB: OTT: Did Alex cheat at the HOH comp? You decide

Either way, as Kryssie says later, "Her hand was bracing it. But at the same time, kudos if you can pull that off."

What do you think, "BBOTT" fans? Did Alex cheat and should she have been disqualified?

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