“Big Brother: Over the Top” is at a crossroads after Wednesday’s (Oct. 12) eviction and Head of Household competition.

For two weeks straight, America’s nominee has been evicted despite whatever the HOH had planned. If this keeps up, it’s going to be a very boring season indeed.

However, a couple interesting things are coming into play this week. First off, the Care Package guarantees that some kind of special Power of Veto is going to be in play, which could greatly impact how nominations look by next week.

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Secondly, America clearly likes the Misfits side of the house. But it’s about the time in the game where an alliance feels too comfortable — and knows America likes them — and becomes insufferable.

While we don’t see America flipping on the Misfits just yet, be on the lookout for that to happen going into next week.

But first, it’s time for week 3 power rankings.

1. Justin, up 6 spots

big brother over the top justin BB: OTT week 3 power rankings: Having sex probably wont help the showmance

No, Justin is not the new HOH, but he is sitting very pretty right now in the game. He’s solidly aligned with the Misfits, his biggest threat is gone (Monte) and the other side of the house doesn’t hate him. Plus, Scott has guaranteed his safety this week and America seems to like him. It doesn’t get much better than that.

2. Scott, up 2 spots

big brother over the top scott BB: OTT week 3 power rankings: Having sex probably wont help the showmance

He’s HOH, so Scott is in the best spot he could be in this week — and he needed to win after his game kind of imploded in week 2. He was playing too hard and trying to be a mastermind too early. Now is his chance to both be safe and to rehab his game.

3. Neeley, up 2 spots

Again, another person who just generally seems well liked all around. If the Plastics get Pagong’d, it’ll be interesting to see who America sides with as their favorite houseguest(s). We’re leaning towards Neeley because she’s pretty great, but you never know how the other viewers feel.

4. Kryssie, up 4 spots

We would wager that out of the Misfits, Kryssie is the least popular with both her alliance and America. Jason and Danielle made the comment last week that if they had to lose someone from their alliance, it would be Kryssie.

Also, America is kind of annoyed with both her emotional meltdowns and the fact that she thinks her Care Package means America loves her. The whole point of the CP was so she would save Jason, it doesn’t mean she’s America’s favorite.

However, Scott said in the wee hours Thursday morning that he wants to make a deal with Neeley and Kryssie for his and Alex’s safety, which means Kryssie is probably safe this week.

5. Alex, down 4 spots

On the one hand, the Plastics are safe from the HOH this week because he’s their alliance member. On the other hand, America kind of hates them, so expect one of them to go up. Alex, however, seems the least likely of the four girls to be put on the block by the viewers.

6. Whitney, down 4 spots

Whitney is nearly as safe from America as Alex is this week. She can be kind of annoying, but frankly, if a small alliance from the other side of the house is going to be able to do some damage, it’s going to be Alex-Scott-Whitney. They have a solid understanding of the game in ways Shelby and Morgan do not.

7. Shelby, down 5 spots

The only reason Shelby is this high on the list is because there are bigger fish to fry this week. But America has turned on her significantly since she stopped being buddy-buddy with Jason. She chose the wrong side of the house to align with in a season where viewers have so much power.

8. Jason, down 1 spot

In week 1, Jason was definitely in trouble because of his veteran status, but now it’s like the house has completely forgotten about him as a target. He’s one of the leaders of the Misfits, but Scott is also not going to nominate him.

jasondancegif BB: OTT week 3 power rankings: Having sex probably wont help the showmance

However, if the POV is used, Jason is basically Scott’s default renom choice. Scott isn’t going to use Justin and he wants to make a deal with Neeley and Kryssie, which leaves Jason as the person who goes up.

He probably won’t get evicted, but you never know — if he’s on the block by week’s end and the Misfits see the benefit in taking out the veteran, he could be going home.

9. Shane, held steady

big brother over the top shane danielle sex BB: OTT week 3 power rankings: Having sex probably wont help the showmance

Shane and Danielle are Scott’s targets and the only reason Shane is above his showmance partner is because the Plastics seem to really want Danielle out …

10. Danielle, held steady

… and you can bet if the Plastics find out Shanielle is having sex in the house (Thursday at 3:15 a.m. PT on camera 3, if you’re curious), they’ll use that as more ammo against Danielle. It’s gross and completely unfair, but there it is.

11. Morgan, down 8 spots

big brother over the top morgan BB: OTT week 3 power rankings: Having sex probably wont help the showmance

However, what’s probably going to end up being Danielle’s saving grace this week (other than winning POV) is that America’s nominee will probably come from the Plastics side of the house and the Misfits have the numbers to send that person home. Morgan is top of the list, so she better be ready to play hard for POV this week.

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