The "Big Brother: Over the Top" week 6 Head of Household competition was the creepy face-morphing comp and it saw a new HOH crowned. Read on for Screener's weekly power rankings, but be warned of spoilers if you aren't caught up on the over-night activities.

Shelby is the new HOH, which was a surprise to several people -- but she nailed the competition. Her time was under four minutes, which is kind of insane.

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She also has her sights set on one single target this week, though America's Care Package could really shake things up, since it's the co-HOH one. The thing is, viewers are going to have to vote for a Jamboree member to get ACP or it won't be interesting at all. So c'mon, "BBOTT" fans -- keep things interesting and vote for Jason to get the care package.

With no further ado, the week 6 power rankings.

1. Shelby, up 5 spots

The new HOH isn't always an automatic No. 1, because sometimes an HOH still has a huge target on his or her back and will be in serious trouble after the HOH reign ends.

In this case, however, we think Shelby is in pretty good shape even after this week. The Ballsmashers are obviously not targeting her and the Jamboree seems more likely to go after Alex or Morgan first.

shelby bb ott dance BB: OTT power rankings week 6: A Shelby Jason co HOH will keep things spicy

2. Jason, held steady

Weirdly, after being heavily targeted early on because he's a veteran, Jason has seen pretty smooth sailing since. In a normal season, that would make sense because the jury would probably not vote for a veteran to win the game. But this season, America votes on the winner, so he's going to have to be taken out sometime.

tenor BB: OTT power rankings week 6: A Shelby Jason co HOH will keep things spicy

However, he's not Shelby's target and we think he has a very good chance of getting the care package this week, which will guarantee him safety and let him make a nomination. Jason's in good shape (for now, at least).

3. Morgan, up 4 spots

Her alliance-mate Shelby isn't going to put her up and the other side of the house is probably going to target Alex if they get the care package, so unless there's a re-nom situation, Morgan should be safe this week.

4. Alex, up 4 spots

Alex's safety all depends on the care package. If her sister gets it, Alex is in great shape. If she doesn't, Alex is in trouble. Frankly, we'd kind of like to see Alex make it all the way to the end because she's playing a great game, but we shall see. There's a lot of game left.

5. Danielle, down 2 spots

Interestingly, after weeks and weeks of the Plastics wanting Danielle gone, she's not the target this week. She also doesn't seem likely to be a re-nom (which we'll get to in a second), so Danielle should be fine this week.

Piggybacking off Alex's comments, we would love to see an Alex-Danielle final two. That would be quite a showdown and they've both played pretty good games.

6. Kryssie, down 2 spots

Kryssie would have been one spot lower except that Whitney is playing a dangerous game right now. That might be enough to keep the heat off Kryssie this week, but she's still not in a great position in the house. She's just not as well liked as her fellow hamsters and while someone might certainly realize that makes her a great person to sit next to at the end, it remains to be seen if that's how things play out.

kryssie BB: OTT power rankings week 6: A Shelby Jason co HOH will keep things spicy

7. Whitney, held steady

So, Whitney has kind of flipped her allegiance to the Jamboree side of the house, which has not gone unnoticed by the Ballsmashers. And the Ballsmashers are in power this week, at least until we know about the ACP voting. Whitney could certainly get the care package, but if she doesn't, she is a great re-nom option for Shelby if her primary target wins the Power of Veto.

8. Justin, down 7 spots

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Justin was in such good shape last week -- a well-liked floater who has kind of been skating along with his funny stories and made-up songs. But Shelby is not a fan of Justin and he's her No. 1 target this week. Depending on how ACP goes, the house might have the votes to evict him whether America votes for him or not. So Justin really needs to gun for the POV this week, which could prove interesting since about half the time it seems like he doesn't understand how the competitions work.

justin bb ott kitchen dance BB: OTT power rankings week 6: A Shelby Jason co HOH will keep things spicy

The voting for ACP opens Thursday (Nov. 3) -- here's hoping for a Shelby/Jason co-HOH just to keep things spicy.

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