Something unusual happened in the “Big Brother: Over the Top” house late Wednesday (Nov. 9) and into the wee hours of Thursday morning.

After a double eviction that saw both Alex and Whitney hit the bricks, it was time for the next Head of Household competition. The comp was called “It’s Time to Reflect” and it required the houseguests to compete one at a time to arrange four mirrors on a grid of posts in order to bounce a green laser around the obstacles and hit a target. The fastest time would be the new HOH.

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Jason went first, setting the time to beat at just over eight minutes (out of a 20-minute time limit). Neither Morgan, Kryssie nor Justin could beat his time.

However, Shelby's turn featured some technical difficulties. She figured out the right combination of mirrors in about the same amount of time as Jason, but one of her mirrors wouldn't stay pointed down the way it was supposed to and was therefore reflecting the laser too high to hit any other mirrors or the target.

When the feeds cut out, Shelby had essentially solved the puzzle in about eight minutes, but she couldn't get her mirror to work correctly.

When the feeds came back after a few minutes, Shelby finished the puzzle with a time of about 12 minutes, but if her mirror had worked correctly all along, she may have beaten Jason's time.

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So, after the competition ended -- which was just after 5 am PT due to a huge gap between Shelby and Justin's turns (since presumably production was discussing what to do about Shelby) -- the houseguests were informed that Jason was in the lead with at time of 8:14.

However, at the 7:23-mark, Shelby's mirror problem made it impossible to determine her real time, so she and Jason will face off Thursday night to determine who will be the new HOH.

The message from Big Brother does not specify if they'll face off in the same type of competition, but that's what we're assuming.

Tune in Thursday night (time TBA) to find out who the new HOH is, which will make a huge difference in who is targeted this week.

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