Thursday (Nov. 10) “Big Brother: Over the Top” hamsters Jason and Shelby had to compete in a rare Head of Household face-off after Shelby’s mirrors weren’t working correctly during the official HOH comp.

Shelby won HOH, defeating Jason by nearly six minutes in a new version of the same laser/mirror challenge. Read on to find out who’s in trouble this week in Screener’s “BBOTT” power rankings.

1. Shelby, holding steady

Since we couldn’t do power rankings during the double eviction episode, Danielle didn’t get to take her turn on top as the DE HOH, which means Shelby has held onto her top spot as this week’s HOH.

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Shelby could be in some trouble after her reign as HOH is over, but we do like her chances to convince the house that it’s Jason’s time to go. She’s a smart, convincing talker and that may be her wisest play after she’s no longer HOH.

2. Morgan, up 1 spot

Morgan’s closest (only) ally is HOH, so she’s in pretty good shape this week — unless she’s America’s nominee. However, the things America votes on have really been split between the two sides of the house, and the Ballsmasher fans may keep her off the block. If that’s the case, she and Shelby should live to fight another week.

3. Justin, up 5 spots

It’s so funny how quickly the tides turn in the “Big Brother” house. During Shelby’s last HOH, Justin was her No. 1 target. Now? She’s going to rely on him to help get Danielle evicted. Shelby thinks she can convince Justin to get Danielle out because if he does, he’s guaranteed to win the final Care Package — a thought that actually occurred to him on his own Thursday night, though not in the same way.

Justin decided while talking to Kryssie that Danielle would vote him out, so she is guaranteed the Care Package. So, he will obviously at least be willing to listen to Shelby's idea of voting out Danielle.

4. Jason & Kryssie, down 2 and up 2, respectively

Either one of these guys could be in trouble this week, depending on who Shelby wants to put on the block next to Danielle -- or maybe she'll start with both of them and plan to use Danielle as the re-nom. The only risk is that everyone will play for Power of Veto this week, so Danielle will always have that chance to save herself.

In fact, it actually kind of doesn't matter who's on the block this week -- it all comes down to who wins POV.

5. Danielle, held steady

Danielle's in some trouble this week as Shelby's prime target. Of course, a lot can happen between America's nominee and the POV comp, but Danielle's strongest play this week is probably trying to convince the two voters that Jason is the biggest threat right now and that could be a tall order depending on who the two voters are. But it might be time for the Late Night Jamboree members to start turning on each other, simply because they aren't in power this week and it's kind of every person for him or herself.

Stay tuned as the noms are revealed over the weekend. Don't forget to vote for America's nominee, but remember -- there's no Care Package this week, because it was used during the double eviction episode.

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