Time for the weekly "Big Brother: Over the Top" power rankings. Whether or not you are a fan of the Ballsmashers, Morgan winning Head of Household is definitely the most interesting scenario this week and we always root for whatever makes the game interesting.

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The competitions are super important this week and the only person safe is Morgan -- so with that in mind, let's get to it.

1. Morgan, up 1 spot

Well, Morgan finally won a competition when it counted -- though as a fairly small person who has a background in cheerleading, it would have been quite the surprise if she hadn't won the balancing-on-a-pole challenge.

big brother over the top week 8 hoh BB: OTT power rankings week 8: At least Morgan as HOH will keep things interesting

Either way, she's into the final four -- though she should be worried by Shelby, who could still go home this week.

2. Shelby, down 1 spot

Even though Shelby could still go home this week, though we're putting her high in the rankings because she's proven herself to be a solid competition winner, so she should be OK.

However, here's how she could be evicted. Justin automatically gets the Care Package because he's the only one eligible to receive it. This means he'll have a chance to automatically advance to the final four, if he can win a challenge given by Big Brother.

If he wins, then it all comes down to Power of Veto -- because if one of Morgan's nominees (Kryssie and Jason) wins POV, the only person she has left as the re-nom is Shelby.

Then it becomes a fight to see if Shelby can convince the house to keep her. Honestly, if she's against Kryssie, we think that's a lost cause.

But if she's against Jason, she might have an argument. Shelby has played a good game, but Jason has a built-in fanbase from when he played "Big Brother" before -- which is important, because America votes on the winner in "BBOTT." So, Jason is a huge concern in that regard.

3. Kryssie, up 2 spots

Kryssie is ranked highest of the three Late Night Jamboree members because she's absolutely not a target this week -- because she's not really a threat to win comps or win the game.

big brother over the top kryssie ridolfi BB: OTT power rankings week 8: At least Morgan as HOH will keep things interesting

We're trying to imagine a final two scenario where Kryssie wins "BBOTT" and we just can't do it. So Kryssie is probably looking at runner-up, if someone takes her to the end.

4. Justin, down 1 spot

Justin is in an interesting position this week. He doesn't know it yet, but he can secure his safety with a comp win. The problem is, Justin is terrible at comps -- like, laughably bad. Even he says so.

big brother over the top justin BB: OTT power rankings week 8: At least Morgan as HOH will keep things interesting

So, will he be able to pull it off? We'll see. We can't decide if it'll be more or less interesting if he has safety. It kind of depends on who you want to win the game.

5. Jason, down 1 spot

Jason is in trouble this week and he knows it. He's not someone anyone wants around at the end, so if he doesn't win POV this week, he's toast. If he does win POV, the noms will end up being either Kryssie/Shelby (if Justin is safe) or Kryssie/Justin (if Justin is not safe).

If it's the former, it'll come down to Justin and his loyalties: He'd be foolish to keep Shelby around, but ... you really never know with Justin. He's unpredictable.

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If it's the latter scenario, it comes down to who Shelby wants to keep in the game -- and that feels like kind of a toss-up. Either way, this should be a fun week in the "BBOTT" house because the competitions are the highest stakes so far this season.

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