One of the twists of "Big Brother 14" ... sorry, "Big Brother 18" ... is that there are four returning players and the hamsters are divided into four teams of four. The returning players are Nicole Franzel (S16), James Huling (S17), Da'Vonne Rogers (S17) and Frank Eudy (S14) and they each got to captain a team and pick their teammates.

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After the first two-thirds of the premiere, there are definitely some winners and losers already -- though interestingly, the team we like the least actually won the first challenge, so that mucked things up a bit. But here are Zap2it's power rankings, which after premiere week will be updated each Friday following the live eviction.

1. Category 4

big brother 18 third BB 18 power rankings: With teams of 4, who takes an early lead?

This team -- made up of returning player Frank Eudy plus newbies Bridgette, Michelle and Paulie -- seems to be pretty cohesive. They won the second leg of the initial competition, which means they aren't safe from eviction No. 2, but we like their chances. Also, they aren't annoying. Yet.

2. Team Unicorn

big brother 18 least BB 18 power rankings: With teams of 4, who takes an early lead?

OK, so this team has safety for two weeks. That's great. But Natalie and Bronte are EASILY the most annoying people in the house and Victor is being a creeping creeper at every turn. James is tolerable, but we were never huge fans of his during Season 17, so despite the safety, Team Unicorn is not in spot No. 1.

Also, they thought about calling themselves "The Calvary" ...

3. Team Big Sister

big brother 18 second jozea davonne BB 18 power rankings: With teams of 4, who takes an early lead?

Paul and Jozea are insufferable. However, this team did manage to escape having to compete against each other for who goes home on night one. And also Da'Vonne and Zakiyah are awesome, so they have half a good team.

4. The Freakazoids

big brother 18 favorite team BB 18 power rankings: With teams of 4, who takes an early lead?

Based on the members, this team was our favorite from the start. Nicole is fine and Corey, Tiffany and Glenn seem cool. But they completely tanked the first three competitions, so one of them is out the door. Now, that also means one of them is the first Head of Household, which is great. But even so, when the next HOH competition rolls around, they only have two people competing out of 14. Not great odds.

This team could have been awesome, but they just couldn't work together well. Also, the young 'uns should maybe listen to Glenn, hmm? If he goes home first, that is going to be SUCH a shame for this season. Honestly, let's get Nicole or Corey out of there first.

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