danny bonaduce bigfoot syfy 'Bigfoot's' Danny Bonaduce on 'Partridge Family' and having the 'weirdest demographic'Zap2it: Starring with “The Brady Bunch’s” Barry Williams in the movie “Bigfoot” (Saturday, June 30) will put you back in the public eye in a big way. What types of fan approaches do you get these days?

Danny Bonaduce: I have the weirdest demographic. There are people my age and up from the “Partridge Family” days, then I’ve had a very successful radio career for 25 years (currently based in Seattle), then I did the insanely embarrassing but very lucrative reality show “Breaking Bonaduce.” And then I immediately tried to save my career by writing and producing a show called “My Kid’s the Next Child Star” … which was a thinly veiled cover for “Hey, I’ll teach your kid not to grow up to be like me.”
I’ll have 65-year-old women come up to me and say, “I’ve been watching you since I was a little girl.” And I’m like, “Mathematically, no, you haven’t … but thank you.”
Zap2it: How steeped do you remain in “Partridge Family” lore yourself?
Danny Bonaduce: I’ve done about five or six big games of “Partridge Family” trivia, and I think I’ve lost every single time! Some of the answers are so obscure as to make me question the person who’s beating me.
That is a show that started 40 years ago, and someone will ask, “Who played the next-door-neighbor kid who moved in during the last year?” And as I’m pondering the name, the person I’m playing against will say, “Ricky Segall!” And I’m like, “How do you know that? Why do you know that?”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin