“Saturday Night Live” alum Bill Hader was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday (Sept. 9) and he took a moment to show off an “SNL” sketch that he never got to do.

The sketch is from a few years ago when Dana Carvey hosted. The bit revolves around Carvey and Hader playing Casey Kasem and his estranged son “Jacey Kasem,” respectively, and it’s kind of amazing to watch Hader act out the entire skit for Kimmel.

It’s also really surprising to hear the reason it got cut is because it played to absolute silence at the dress rehearsal. What a shame, it sounds really funny. Heck, it IS really funny just watching Hader do it on “JKL.”

Below, Hader shares about getting sick on a family vacation to the beach and then reveals he once worked for call-in sex show “Night Calls” by Playboy. “I was kind of a PA, I would bring the porn stars coffee, magazines. … It was a live show, people were calling in, so I’d be on my headset and a guy would call in and be like, ‘Yeah, I was thinking about two cowgirls, going at it,’ and they’d be like, ‘Bill, can you get Candy and Cindy ready, tell ’em they’re cowgirls.’

“‘Hey Candy, Cindy? You guys are going to be cowgirls, you’re going to be having sex together.’ And they’d be like, ‘Oh, OK’ and they’d put their magazines down.”

We’re not linking to them here, but if you’re curious — there are some “Night Calls” videos on YouTube. Hader says he quit after a few episodes.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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