Bill Murray was a frequent David Letterman guest, appearing as both the first guest on “Late Night” and “Late Show,” with a combined 44 appearances between the two shows. Friday (March 11) he made his surprise first appearance on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” — and in true Bill Murray fashion, it was totally bizarre.

The bit starts out with Colbert’s monologue, where he tells a story about something he saw on the Internet that warmed his heart — a Brazilian brick-layer who saved a penguin covered in oil and how the penguin travels 5000 miles every year to come see his savior, traveling between Argentina and Brazil.

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“It’s like a Nicholas Sparks novel had sex with a Pixar movie and its baby is an Adele song that was covered in oil and nursed back to health,” says Colbert. “I want a penguin.”

Then it gets weird. Colbert shouts at a person sitting in the audience, “Excuse me, sir? Would you mind getting your feet off the stage for a second? I’m sorry, you look tired, but this is not a park bench. Could you get your feet off the stage please?”

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It turns out the sleeping man who may be homeless is actually Murray, who silently picks up his suit case, picks up the girl sitting next to him and leaves the theater.

“Bill Murray, everybody! Bill, I’m so glad you’re here but we really do have a show to do,” says Colbert.

Is the joke that Murray’s been camping out in the Ed Sullivan Theater since Letterman left? It’s unclear, but hopefully this is the first of many appearances on Colbert’s “Late Show.”

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