There’s a slogan that the residents of Austin, Tex., like to use — “Keep Austin weird.” It is apparently something Bill Murray took to heart when he joined “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Austin Thursday (March 19), where Kimmel is broadcasting during the SXSW festival all this week.

Murray kicks things off right, by entering the stage riding a horse — side-saddle, because he’s in a lovely coral dress — while being accompanied by a full mariachi band. And seriously, he shows off the gams of someone half his age, let alone 64 years old. Is he wearing pantyhose? They are so smooth!

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The interview is predictably wacky. In the first video below, Murray offers some advice for people who want to be “professional drinkers.”  “Pound multiple vitamins … water is really the key. The professional drinkers drink water with every glass of wine,” advises Murray.

The second clip starts with Murray talking about Willie Nelson and ends with him getting burned in the face with a cigarette. Words cannot possibly do this hilariously bizarre interview justice.

Finally, Kimmel shows off some outstanding Murray-themed merchandise, like pillows, pajamas and even a Virgin Mary-like candle. If you’d like to say a little prayer to St. Murray, here’s where you can get one — and who doesn’t want to buy some BM Water? Kimmel might be on to something here.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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