Julianne Moore hits the streets of New York City to deliver some Oscar-worthy performances in Thursday’s (Dec. 3) episode of “Billy on the Street.”

Joining host Billy Eichner in his ongoing mission to accost unsuspecting pedestrians, the actress does her best to win tips away from the costumed characters clogging Time Square. In return, she delivers on-the-spot performances of some of her best on-screen work.

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Move over Elmo, a natural redhead has entered the game! Throughout the segment, the Academy Award-winning actress gathers some decent loot while pulling tears for a variety of surprised passers-by.

Moore reenacts scenes like her emotional monologue from movies like “The Kids Are All Right” — where she cries on cue for one Australian stranger — to “The Big Lebowski,” she definitely earns the dollars she is tipped. Not everyone understands what is happening here but crying on cue even garners her a much-needed hug from a tourist who doesn’t understand much English.

Shoving Spiderman out of the way, the clip ends with a group of strangers in awe of Moore as they look to the camera and yell, “F**k Spiderman!” That’ll leave a lasting impression!

“Billy on the Street” airs Thursdays at 10:30 pm PT/ET on TruTV.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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