Even though he’s been keeping busy as Spock — going where no one has gone before — Zachary Quinto is planning a return to television with an intriguing new series. According to Deadline, Quinto will be starring in the small-screen adaptation of “Biopunk: Solving Biotech’s Biggest Problems in Kitchens and Garages.” It’s a long title, for sure, but the book by Marcus Wohlsen explores the odd world fringe scientists who experiment on their own bodies all in the name of evolution.

Biohacking is not at all a new concept. It’s been explored throughout many forms of science fiction — Philip K. Dick’s work comes to mind. But while we could go on and on about the cinematic triumphs of “Blade Runner,” it’s worth pointing out that Quinto’s new project will mirror a real world many don’t get to see.

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“Having spent some time in my career exploring the landscape of science-fiction — it is a particularly exciting step to delve into a world of science-fact,” says Quinto. But how factual will the series get? And exactly how far down the rabbit hole will they go?

Showtime premiered a new series earlier in 2016 called “Dark Net” and one of the episodes delved into the world of biohacking. Pointing out the many dangers of performing experiments on one’s self, it’s hard not to see the correlation between science fiction favorites like, say, Rachel’s robot eye in “Orphan Black” and the man featured in the video below.

Sure, this man went to an extreme but there are other smaller bio hacks that people may find useful. RFID technology is here to stay and while there have been many worries expressed over how our information gets tracked through such sensors, there is a growing movement of people getting these chips implanted in their bodies.

Whether it’s to streamline productivity, feel closer to technology or even to become a cyborg, there’s a simple procedure to get the chip implanted. The results may vary.

That example is pretty tame when compared to others in the subculture. Tim Cannon, for instance, is doing everything he can to become a cyborg that will live beyond the normal human lifespan. He’s one of the forefront rockstars in the world of biohacking.

As you can see from the below video, he is on a mission to monitor his body in all ways to push the boundaries of our own biology. And he gets a clunky chip the size of an iPhone implanted in his arm to do just that.

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We’ve only really scratched the surface here but these examples make us wonder just how deep “Biopunk” will dive.

The series is currently being developed at Legendary Television which makes us wonder if the series will go to cable to fully explore this dark and crazy subculture. With Quinto leading the pack, we have faith the story being told here will definitely push some boundaries.

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