We may finally be getting a clearer look at Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen) on “Blacklist: Redemption,” including a mention of the mysterious “Whitehall” — which we’ve now realized is connected to “The Blacklist.”

On Thursday’s (March 16) episode, Tom (Ryan Eggold) informs his father Howard (Terry O’Quinn) that mommy dearest has found the private investigator Howard used to find Tom — and that she’s meeting with the people who adopted Christopher after he disappeared.

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But all Howard can ask Tom about is Whitehall — “Stay focused on Whitehall, has she said anything about Whitehall … I figured out how they’re communicating, the code, but I can’t find any mention of Whitehall…”

The “they” in question isn’t Scottie and the PI — it’s Scottie and someone else we don’t yet know. But if “Whitehall” rings a bell, it’s because it was part of the Feb. 2 “Blacklist” episode about Natalie Luca: The woman with Luschen’s disease, a highly contagious pathogen that doesn’t affect her but is deadly to anyone she comes in contact with. During the episode, Natalie revealed that she was treated by Hawthorne Biologics, whose weapons lab “Whitehall” was trying to use her to develop a biological weapon.

How is Scottie connected to Whitehall? We don’t know yet, but Howard discovered it’s the name of a Halcyon black op involving a remote warehouse in South Africa. When he investigated, the warehouse was wiped clean and an intelligence agent sent by Howard disappeared. So Howard has added his paranoia about this (human WMD?) program to his theories that Scottie’s actually a Russian sleeper agent who replaced his original wife.

And so: Between making Howard look mentally incompetent in his quest to find Christopher and having Christopher declared legally dead, Scottie is now head of a massive private military organization with possible ties to Russia, and also something mentioned as a weapons lab on “The Blacklist.” That’s… not great. And now, if Tom’s existence threatens all that…?

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There’s maybe a chance the “Redemption” Whitehall is not the same as OG “Blacklist” Whitehall, but that’s not the kind of thing these shows mess up — simple clues like that are what “The Blacklist” franchise is all about. And don’t forget how heavily “The Blacklist” has leaned into the Russian background of Liz (Megan Boone) and her mother (Lotte Verbeek), which is a similar connection between the two shows that has to be deliberate.

The only question now is whether Scottie truly is some nefarious global military operative, or if Howard’s just out of it (or preferably under some other paranoia-inducing influence), or if Howard is on the right track but has the Scottie part wrong. Those are all fine, really, although it certainly would be sad if Tom’s mother turned out to be dead, a truly evil woman, or uh, both — although maybe she’s playing the Reddington game, posing as a criminal in order to do good works? That’s her actual cover story anyway, basically, so it would make sense as a new kind of true.

We’re officially halfway through “Redemption’s” eight-week season, and the “Blacklist” connections are piling up, which is a nice surprise. While it’s possible the show would be so interested in developing its own mandate that it would stay away from them, or do a lot of jazz-hands to make it seem as though the shows were vitally connected while still maintaining distance, they’ve gone the truly connected route so far, which is absolutely what we’d prefer to see.

“Blacklist: Redemption” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, until “Blacklist” returns with a two-hour episode April 20.

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