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Another Greg Berlanti production is ready to debut on network TV and it’s taking a very important cue from the superhero shows he produces — “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “Supergirl” — that many might not have expected.

While the series centers on the mystery of Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander), who was discovered with no memory and a body covered in tattoos, many of the questions about her identity will be revealed in Season 1. Of course, the answers will only reveal more questions.

“It’s not dissimilar in some ways to some of the superhero shows we do in that there’s a season-long mythology and a great deal of the questions are answered,” Berlanti tells Zap2it. “However, there’s also hopefully an ongoing series-long mythology and questions to be answered.”

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That ongoing mythology will be helped, at least in part, by new interpretations of Jane’s tattoos. While sure has a finite number of tattoos, the possibilities for messages hidden in them are endless.

“There’s tattoos that can be read one way, then there’s a whole other layer,” Berlanti says. “A code, for instance, that unlocks a bunch of the other tattoos in a new way.”

“Even by episode 3 and 4, you see the way we twist tattoos that are pre-existing,” he teases. There’s a limitless number of secrets held in the art covering her body.

With that in mind, you’d better get used to seeing the tattoos. Alexander has already gotten used to putting them on.

“To do the full body is takes about seven hours in makeup. But sometimes I’m on the show in a T-shirt and jeans, so we try not to do them there,” she says. “The tattoos are such a character in the show that it’s important to show them as much as possible.”

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Sadly, that means a lot of time getting them reapplied.

They only last for a couple of days at the most before they start to get funky,” she says. “They pick up lint and bugs and everything. In the winter they tend to last a bit longer because it’s not so sticky and hot.”

Luckily, Alexander doesn’t mind. After all, they’re certainly not more painful to apply than her actual tattoos, which she says have to be hidden in the faux ink she wears. Of course, listening to music and drinking “amazing coffee” while she has them painted on surely help the process.

“Blindspot” premieres Monday, Sept. 21, at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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