vanessa ray blue bloods cbs newscom 325 'Blue Bloods': Vanessa Ray's mom is a show superfanFor her research on “Blue Bloods,” Vanessa Ray didn’t have to go much farther than her own mother.

The actress who plays Eddie Janko, the new partner of NYPD officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), on the Friday CBS police drama didn’t realize how helpful her mom’s devotion to the show would be until she landed the role.

“When I got the job, she sat me down and gave me the lowdown,” Ray muses to Zap2it. “She told me who all the characters were and that Jamie had a girlfriend in the beginning, but that didn’t work out. ‘And he had a partner, but oh, the partner died. And Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and his wife (Amy Carlson) just love each other, and it’s so beautiful … .’ She was just going on and on and on.”

Fiction will merge with real life soon, since Ray plans to bring her parents to the “Blue Bloods” set the next time they visit her in New York. “My mother will be so excited! She’ll take a million pictures and put them on Facebook, then scrapbook them. It’s been sort of weird for her. She’s been like, ‘Wait. You’re going to be on my show?’ “

Though Eddie has been a “Blue Bloods” character for only a few months, she already has dealt with a lot, including almost losing her badge under suspicion of perjury after making her first solo arrest.

Ray — who also will return as devious CeCe Drake on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” — believes Eddie has “a lot to overcome. And some of those things, she’s put upon herself. We’ll hear a lot more about her past and where she came from.

“She has a hard time trusting people, but she is drawn to Jamie, and she is her authentic self to him … in a way that is alarming to her. It’s fun for us to be able to figure out the different sides of the characters, testing the waters with each other.”

Birth date: June 24 (“I don’t know that I want to give the year, but other places that have gotten the date wrong have made me too old”).

Birthplace: Livermore, Calif.

Current residences: New York and Los Angeles

Marital status: Single

Other television credits: “Pretty Little Liars,” “Suits,” “Girls,” “Nurse Jackie,” “White Collar,” “Damages,” “As the World Turns,” “Bored to Death”

Movie credits: “Mutual Friends,” “The Last Day of August,” “Frances Ha,” “Not Waving But Drowning,” “Nice Guy Johnny,” “Finding Chance”

Favorite movie: “It changes, but ‘Field of Dreams’ is still in my top five. Kevin Costner looks like my dad, so I love him in that. I also love ‘The Neverending Story,’ and ‘The American President’ is another one. Whenever that movie is on, whatever point it’s at, I can’t stop watching it.”

Favorite television series you’re not in:‘House of Cards,’ because Robin Wright is one of the reasons I became an actress … honestly. I was like, ‘If I can be like that, I want to.’ I also love ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

Favorite singer: “It’s definitely Billy Joel. I saw him for the first time this year in New Orleans, and I just wept the entire time.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin