Holy smokes, Andy Cohen. Bob Harper and Reza Farahan dated, dated?

According to Tuesday (Jan. 13) night’s “What What Happens Live” — you know, the show where Bravo’s Cohen gets everyone to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets — “The Biggest Loser” trainer revealed that he totally used to date the “Shahs of Sunset” reality star.

“We had a thing a very, very long time ago,” says Harper in the above clip. “It was a tawdry little thing.”

Adding on to the story of their relationship, on Wednesday (Jan. 14), Farahan confirmed to Bravo’s The Daily Dish that they “had a thing” a long time ago — he jokes it was back “in the early 1800s” — but now they’re just friends.

“I love Bob,” says Farahan. “He’s a dear friend and a real estate client of mine.”

Tawdry or not, this is one of the best reality-shows-colliding stories in a long while. Just imagine the show that could have come out of it: “The Biggest Loser” hosted by Farahan, “The Shahs of Sunset Take Over the Ranch” or even “The Biggest Loser: Shahs of Sunset Edition.” (That last one would feature a lot of people having trouble giving up Champagne.)

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Posted by:Casey Rackham