The Emmy winning FOX series “Bob’s Burgers” returns for Season 5 Oct. 5 and star John Roberts (Linda Belcher) sat down with Zap2it to give viewers a little tease of what’s to come.

Right out of the gate, Roberts says a certain legendary movie starring Melanie Griffith provided inspiration. “We have really great episodes coming up. One of which is ‘Working Girl’ the movie. There is a musical in which we do a version of that with all the kids in it. It’s got great musical numbers and it is so funny,” he says.

The animated series follows it up with some heart heavy, yet hilarious holiday episodes. “Thanksgiving all these wild, crazy turkeys attack the town, which is hysterical and the Christmas episode is where Bob’s father is revealed, played by Bill Hader. He’s awesome,” Roberts gushes.

In addition to Hader the actor says viewers should also expect lots of great guest stars including Zach Galifianakis and Jordan Peele.  Roberts reveals even though he has playing family matriarch Linda Belcher for five seasons now, it still feels like the cast started the show yesterday. “All the table reads are so great and every script is solid. Even though we are recording our fifth season it feels like it’s the first season, because everything’s still so fresh. There’s still so many more stories to tell with the characters,” Roberts says.

The show wouldn’t be where it is today without the fans, but Roberts says sometimes the attention can be a little much for him on Twitter. “I have a stalker. I don’t want to block her because I feel like that will make her mad. I never respond to any of her messages. I get like one a day and they are these long comments, sometimes overly sexual. It feels really personal. She has this relationship with me, yet I’ve never responded to her,” he says.

However Roberts admits to being a little starstruck himself sometimes revealing, “Every once in awhile I’ll go on Madonna’s page and post something funny. I also had an interaction with Lady Gaga on Facebook, which was pretty exciting. We have a mutual friend and she responded to something which was really sweet. It’s probably not even her, but I got excited.”

“Bob’s Burgers” returns Sunday, Oct. 5 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins