It’s time to toast the holiday season and there’s no better way than filling a snifter with bourbon, and singing along with Mr. Fischoeder from “Bob’s Burgers.”

The creator’s of Fox’s hit animated sitcom released a video entitled, “The Spirit of Christmas” on Tuesday, Dec. 23, in which a white cape and eye-patch wearing Fischoeder (voiced by actor Kevin Kline) takes a seat at the piano and delightedly sings to his favorite holiday spirit, “Oh, bourbon!”

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The boozy Christmas tune is infectious, and even Fischoeder’s brother, Felix, makes an appearance, ice-skating across the screen in festive glittery black pants.

The true heart of the video lies with Fischoeder’s love for alcohol in general. Screw reindeers, these lyrics shout out: “On, bourbon, on vodka, on scotch, and gin! Take me back and let the North Pole dance and begin!”

“Oh, Bourbon, bourbon, bourbon” he riffs until the very end of the video, “take me home.”


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