dana delany july 2012 gi 'Body of Proof's' Dana Delany: 'I don't know how anybody runs a network now'Zap2it: International sales for “Body of Proof” reportedly were a big factor in the series getting the order for its current Season 3 from ABC. What’s your take on that?

Dana Delany: I first saw that with “Desperate Housewives” because I came onto that show late. I knew it was a hit, but not until I started doing press — and foreign press — for it did I realize the power of that. The No. 1 show worldwide is “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” so it’s that mystery thing.

China has just come on board for [“Body of Proof”], too, and it’s kind of great. I love to travel, so I have to say I really enjoy that aspect of how television has changed. When I was on “China Beach,” the only countries I remember having a strong reaction from were Holland and Germany. And maybe Poland, but that was about it.

Zap2it: Dating back to “China Beach,” you’ve been a star of ABC series over a very long period of time. What do you think about the shape the network is in now?

Dana Delany: I like [current ABC Entertainment President] Paul Lee so much as a human being. I think he’s really smart and just a lovely person … but I don’t know how anybody runs a network now.

The game keeps changing, and it happens so fast now, it’s hard to keep up with audiences and what they’re going to watch and when they watch it and how they watch it. You have to be very quick-witted to keep up with it.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin