geoffrey arend body of proof 325 abc 'Body of Proof's' Geoffrey Arend: 'When is Ethan going to man up?'

Geoffrey Arend offers plenty of proof that he’s still happy with his series role.
In its third season, ABC’s Tuesday medical mystery “Body of Proof” has made a number of changes, with some of the cast members who originally supported star Dana Delany now gone. As eager forensic pathology fellow Ethan Gross, Arend was among those kept, and he maintains he didn’t think his job was in jeopardy.
“What actually kept me from thinking they were going to cut my character,” he tells Zap2it, “was Windell (Middlebrooks, the co-star who plays Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Curtis Brumfield). I thought, ‘They can’t cut his character,’ so I felt I was afforded some safety since my scenes are predominantly with him. I’m attached to the hip with him, and he’s just gold.”
Still, Arend muses, “I’m sure there are other gawky, cranelike actors ready and waiting, and that ABC has a list of. Hopefully, I’ll never find out.”
With the addition of Mark Valley as a police detective — and ex-flame of Dr. Megan Hunt (Delany) — “Body of Proof” has upped its action quotient. Arend, the husband of “Mad Men” co-star Christina Hendricks, is pleased with what that’s meant for him.
“I said to Matt Gross, our executive producer, ‘When is Ethan going to man up and decide what he wants to do? I feel like he’s been in a holding pattern.’ Ethan starts to move in a very specific direction this year. Hopefully, if we get a Season 4, you’ll see it explored more.
“Ethan and I both have the feeling there’s something incredibly inspiring about Dr. Hunt,” adds Arend, “just in her being a guiding light for him as a medical examiner. He started out feeling he was never going to leave the office, because that’s where he felt most comfortable, but she’s leading by example, and he’s following. She’s expanded his horizons a bit.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin