“Bones” left us with a heartbreaking mid-season finale, nearly killing Aubrey (John Boyd) and paralyzing Hodgins (T.J Thyne). Now, as we pick back up with the second half of Season 11, eight weeks have passed, and all of our characters are desperately trying to adapt to the major changes they face.

Zap2it spoke with executive producer Michael Peterson about how Hodgins is managing with his paralysis and recovery, Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Arastoo’s (Pej Vahdat) romantic potential, and what plans they’ve got on the books for “Bones” final season.

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Zap2it: Now that Hodgins is paralyzed, how is he dealing with that?

Michael Peterson: At the beginning we really wanted to embrace this arc for him and just really run him through the gambit of emotions. So when we first see him, he’s in a bit of denial. He wants to be in a better place than he is. He still feels some sensation in his legs, and he’s really holding on to that hope.

That hope is kind of what divides our group. Boothe (David Borneanaz), of course, is all about embracing that. He’s seen the miracles of positive thinking and what can come out of that and hanging on to something. Brennan (Emily Deschanel), meanwhile, is much more skeptical of what is going on with Hodgins. She’s seen the X-rays, she’s always relied on science, and the science is telling her this is not good … that divides Boothe and Brennan. For Hodgins, he’s really trying to live in a different world than he normally would.

Are he and Angela still trying for more kids?

Angela tries to stay optimistic, stay positive. She’s trying to be as loyal and good of a wife as possible, but when somebody is really actively trying to push you away, it’s very, very difficult. There’s a lot going on with her right now. She’s trying for children, she’s embracing this artistic side of her life with photography and Sebastien Kohl (Gil Darnell), so she’s going to try to find solace in her art. We really see how far you can push a marriage.

Arastoo made a pretty big confession to Cam last we saw, so where are we picking up with those two?

Arastoo’s back. He recognizes as important as a career can be, Cam is much more important. Cam’s in a place where she feels a little bit burned from the last time. She has this alternate life and this burgeoning relationship with Sebastien, and she’s not sure exactly where to go. I will definitely say we will see more of Arastoo as the season progresses, but this is a new challenge.

On the heels of the Season 12 renewal, we also found out it would be the last. Is that bittersweet news?

We’re just kind of embracing it. It’s been fun, the studio has been really supportive of us. Looking at Season 12, we’re just saying, “Make this an event. Make this something where every episode really counts.”

We were able to pitch what we wanted to do with the characters – especially Boothe and Brennan. Going back and watching the early seasons, we just noticed there were certain arcs that hadn’t felt like they were finished yet, so that’s what we went in and pitched. That’s why we ended up with Season 12. They were like “You’re right, that sounds good. That sounds like what the fans want.”

We’re writing it very much from the fans perspective. We’re going to put you through a rollercoaster ride, but do trust these are fans writing for the show. We’ll put you through a lot, but we’ll come out in a very good place.

Have you guys had any conversations about more crossovers like with ‘Sleepy Hollow?’

Not yet, but we’re certainly open to it. It was quite the experience. At first we were like, “How are we going to do this? One is supernatural, the other very much is not.” After the initial confusion, we figured out a way to do it, and we had a ton of fun with it.

Do you have a suggestion of which one we should do a crossover with?

You know, I’m a big ‘Lucifer’ fan. I think it could work.

I like that. Absolutely, I’m sure the FOX head honchos will be reading this, and they’ll be able to gather a good idea.

“Bones” returns Thursday (April 14) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX

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