The penultimate episode of “Bones” Season 11 gave us some very exciting and very shocking news: Hodgins (T.J Thyne) may learn to walk again.

While everyone runs themselves in circles trying to catch a pair of French jewel thieves, Hodgins can’t seem to figure out why the inanimate objects around him seem to have minds of their own.

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Initially, Hodgins believes that tables are trembling and things are falling off shelves because of small earthquakes and tremors, which are for some reason undistinguishable to the rest of the staff. On the other hand, Daisy (Carla Gallo) thinks the answer to this mysterious new problem is not scientific but supernatural, and posits that Hodgins has himself a haunting.

Ultimately though, it doesn’t take these scientists long to realize that the source of the tremors is actually Hodgins’ own legs, which have been spasming and kicking things without his knowledge.

By some miracle, his muscles are receiving signals to contract — even though he’s not consciously sending them — which means that he may one day walk again.

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Executive producer John Collier warns us not to get excited just yet, however, since Hodgins’ paralysis will still be an ongoing plot in their final season next year.

You shouldn’t lose hope entirely though, since Collier did give us some encouraging words about what to expect from Hodgins in Season 12. “There’s going to be some excitement, some resolution — it’s going to be a difficult and rewarding and gratifying journey,” Collier tells Zap2it.

Meanwhile, the hunt is back on for The Puppeteer in next week’s finale, and one team member’s life may hang in the balance.

“Bones” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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