breaking bad aaron paul jesse pinkman Aaron Paul is holding out hope for a Jesse Pinkman cameo on Better Call Saul

Ever since the announcement of a “Breaking Bad” spinoff, fans have furiously speculated on the possibility of characters from the popular AMC series showing up in “Better Call Saul.”

Well, if Aaron Paul has anything to say about it, reprising the role of Jesse Pinkman for an episode or two may be in the show’s future.

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Offering up some input on the spinoff — while doing press for his new Hulu series, “The Path — the actor tells Variety, “Hopefully I will be involved. But I don’t know when that may be. I’m not going to say anything more. But I’m absolutely open to the idea. Hopefully it happens. I’m all about it.”

According to Paul, there have been talks involving him and Vince Gilligan regarding a possible visit on the series. These conversations began happening between the two before the series even began production.

Whether the cameo happens or not, Paul is adamant about bringing Jesse back only “in the most beautiful way.”

He explains, “There’s no way they’re going to bring Jesse Pinkman back just to bring him back. They’re going to bring him back and the audience is going to be very excited not just to see him, but to see how it all unfolded.”

There’s a bit over a month left before fans can see how new episodes will unfold as “Better Call Saul” returns for Season 2 on Feb. 15 on AMC.

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