betsy brandt red carpet nc 325 'Breaking Bad' ruins the color purple for Betsy Brandt

Zap2it: Have you and Anna Gunn ever worked out a backstory to explain the “Breaking Bad” relationship between Skyler and Marie?
Betsy Brandt: Anna and I have joked about the fact that clearly there are issues with their parents, and we’ve always wanted to meet them. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but we assume that their parents were just kind of crazy, nutso people, which is part of the reason why Marie and Skyler are always there for each other, because that’s usually what happens when the parents are a mess. The kids become the grownups and siblings are like war buddies.

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Zap2it: How closely do you relate to Marie?
Betsy Brandt: Whenever anyone brings up the episode where Hank was shot, it physically affects me. When I watched it at home with my husband when it aired, I knew that Hank was going to survive, yet it was so hard to watch. My heart races. My blood pressure goes up. It just makes me feel terrible, even more than the really violent scenes, which are also hard for me to watch. I’m so invested in their relationship.
Zap2it: So you find it hard to leave her on the set?
Betsy Brandt: I try not to bring it home. I can’t have anything purple (Marie’s signature color) in my life, in my house. Marie is just so tightly wound, and she doesn’t release any of that. I do. I’m an actor, and we express things, even things we shouldn’t.
Posted by:John Crook