bryan cranston breaking bad red carpet nc 325 'Breaking Bad's' Bryan Cranston: 'I don't ask' what's in store for Walt

Zap2it: Do you know more about what’s in store for “Breaking Bad’s” Walt than viewers do?
Bryan Cranston: Not really. I don’t ask. I started to get the outlines back in Season 1, and then I realized that this journey that Walt is on is a switchback. It didn’t help me as an actor, because I would read two or three or four outlines down the road, and I would learn some information that could only discolor my performance in the episode I was currently shooting.
Zap2it: Then how did you know how to play the opening scene of this season, which jumped into the future?
Bryan Cranston: I asked [director Vince Gilligan] what I felt I needed to know in order to play that teaser. I asked him what my mood was like. Where am I? What is happening as far as specifically right now, at this point, on this day? And he did tell me enough information, and he was going on, and I said, “I got it. That’s enough for me to play it.”
Zap2it: Is it good to be reteamed with Aaron Paul this season after your characters’ estrangement?
Bryan Cranston: Aaron and I missed working together from an acting standpoint. It’s a case of strange bedfellows. Vince had to put us at odds, pulling us further and further apart last season, so it became an arduous ordeal for Walt to pull him back in. Now we’re together and pick up right where we left off. It’s quite ingenious how Vince has crafted it.
Posted by:John Crook