“Broad City” won’t return until February 2016, but Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have released a few short sketches as a part of their “Hack Into Broad City” series between seasons. The latest is tied to Columbus Day, though the ladies aren’t celebrating the historical figure’s 1492 trip across the ocean blue.

Instead, they’re echoing the backlash for the holiday, which claims that celebrating Christopher Columbus means celebrating the genocide of Native American and Caribbean people.

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So, in protest, Columbus Day might be the only day of the year where Ilana gets up on time to go to work, even if her plans for the day are to check her email, flip the light switches on and off, and “print some sh*t.” But Ilana hasn’t cornered the “Broad City” hot take market.

Abbi makes a good point too — everyone should be aware of what screens are doing to their eyes. Print out those “hot pics of celebs” every once in a while.

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Once the topic goes back to Christopher Columbus, Abbi and Illana are hilariously inappropriate as they come up with increasingly elaborate ways they’d show the explorer exactly what they think of him. (It would not be pretty.)

But the conflict between Columbus Day and the love of taking a day off from work can reach a compromise, the “Broad City” characters decide. Just use the holiday to celebrate the “real” Christopher Columbus: the Hollywood director responsible for bringing “Home Alone” to the screen.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins