FOX announced Monday (Aug. 8) that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “New Girl” are joining forces in October for a one-hour crossover event that will see both shows collide in the Big Apple.

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It promises to be a lot of fun — due to the sizable ensemble of each show there are a plethora of fun pairings that could emerge, here are five things that absolutely need to happen.

1. Coach’s return

If you’ll recall, Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) left “New Girl” at the end of Season 4 when he moved to none other than New York to be with new girlfriend May (Meaghan Rath), which makes us wonder if this is what brings the “New Girl” loft-dwellers to NYC? It seems like an easy way to get the two casts together.

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Note: Yes, Wayans already played a character in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” so obviously he cannot interact with the “B99” folks. That doesn’t mean he can’t show up for a few minutes to interact with the “New Girl” cast. In fact, maybe it turns out Stevie is Coach’s evil twin! … or not. That’s probably terrible. So let’s just hope we get a glimpse of Coach.

2. A Jess/Amy neuroses-off

In the ensembles, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is definitely the Amy (Melissa Fumero) of “New Girl” and vice versa. So they absolutely have to come together for a meeting of their neurotic, wacky minds. What will be particularly fun is that Jess and Amy are two very different kinds of socially awkward, so will they be friends or foes? It might actually be hilarious to watch them fight.

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3. Detective Winston

Winston (Lamorne Morris) is a police officer, so if Coach being in NYC is the natural way to get “New Girl” there, then Winston is the natural way in to the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” world. What’s funnier than Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) being a goofball detective? Boyle pairing up with Winston and both of them following Jake’s (Andy Samberg) sometimes-questionable leadership. Cue the “Yakety Sax,” amirite?

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4. Rosa whips Nick into shape

Season 5 of “New Girl” definitely re-ignited the Nick/Jess spark, but let’s not forget that Nick is still basically the same directionless slob that Jess broke up with two years ago. Who better than to whip him into shape than Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz)? It would be pretty satisfying to see Nick reduced to a puddle of tears under Rosa’s steely gaze and cutting words. And maybe that would be the kick in the butt he needs to do something with his life.

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5. Captain Holt meets Schmidt

There is no storyline we are more excited about than “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and his amazingly dry wit and no-nonsense personality meeting Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and his flamboyant fussiness. What’s funny is that while Schmidt will undoubtedly annoy Holt to no end, they are actually kind of kindred spirits, so let’s have them at odds for a while and then get them together over a bottle of insanely expensive wine.

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The comedy crossover event of the fall is happening Tuesday, Oct. 11 beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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