The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”/”New Girl” crossover was rife with possibilities for humorous interactions between our favorite Los Angeles loft-dwellers and our favorite NYPD public servants. Unfortunately, hardly any of the dreams we had came to pass.

Where was the quirk-off between Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Amy (Melissa Fumero)? Why did we not get to see Winston (Lamorne Morris) working his police mojo with the Nine-Nine? Where was Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) to whip Nick (Jake Johnson) into shape? And where was the magical meeting between Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield)?

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Alas, there was not enough crossover in this crossover. The “Brooklyn” half introduced Jess to Jake (Andy Samberg) in its waning moments and the “New Girl” half featured only a couple crossover interactions, which was disappointing. Sure, it’s going to be a stretch to get these two shows to crossover in a meaningful way — they aren’t both DC Comics properties with a common villain to fight, after all — but if you’re going to do a crossover, plausibility should take a back seat to the fun.

Fortunately, the last five minutes of “New Girl” made it all worth it.

Hotboxing dragon

brooklyn nine nine new girl crossover dragon The last 5 minutes saved the Brooklyn Nine Nine/New Girl crossover

A nice throwaway gag was that Schmidt’s high school mascot was a real fire-breathing dragon — except he was actually a dude hotboxing it up inside the costume, who ran away in terror upon Jess telling him she’s a vice principal.

Cece ready to throw down

brooklyn nine nine new girl crossover cece The last 5 minutes saved the Brooklyn Nine Nine/New Girl crossover

To the people who bullied Schmidt in high school, Cece (Hannah Simone) threatens to drag them outside and handle things “L.A. style,” which includes introducing them to her fists, “Fairfax” and “La Brea.”

The cameo

brooklyn nine nine new girl crossover coach The last 5 minutes saved the Brooklyn Nine Nine/New Girl crossover

The one item on Screener’s wish list that actually happened was the “New Girl” gang was reunited with Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.). We could have used a little more of that, but the brief ending scene was still great.

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