andre braugher brooklyn nine nine 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Season 2: Andre Braugher says Holt is 'obsessed' with getting back at Kyra Sedgwick's Madeline Wuntch

After a Golden Globe win for Best Comedy Series and a critically raved first season, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is gearing up for round two. Andre Braugher, who plays Detective Holt — the stern faced leader of the precincts band of misfits–, sat down with Zap2it to elaborate on Holt and Peralta’s (Andy Samberg) complicated relationship and what fans can expect in the upcoming season. 
“Peralta is a ‘not by the book detective.’ He and Holt knock heads about that but I think they have their best interests at heart,” Braugher says. “They work well because of that. I’m his anchor and he’s my view of the sky.” 
The two had a moment of solidified trust in the Season 1 finale when Holt vouched for Peralta, allowing him to solve the classic car thief mystery that had been haunting him all season. Now Peralta has a fancy gig with the FBI, but that doesn’t mean he’s got everything figured out. 
“As it stands right now — there’s just so much more about police work that Peralta doesn’t know or understand. There’s so much more about excellence that he doesn’t know or understand,” Braugher explains.  “At the same time, Peralta wakes Holt up and shakes him out of his doldrums.”
It turns out that Peralta will also be literally waking Holt up as well. Braugher informs Zap2it that in an upcoming episode Peralta makes a visit to the Holt household — which means an at home glance of Holt’s husband Kevin. 
“Kevin is there briefly during that scene but it isn’t so much about Holt’s domestic life but waking Holt up in the middle of the night to brainstorm and Holt welcoming him to [do that].” Braugher says. 
In the early episodes of the show, Holt’s sexuality was a key part of the character. It was a regular punchline for him to mention his husband Kevin but Braugher says it’s gotten to a point now where it’s been so established the writer’s don’t have to drill it home anymore. 
“I think [the writers] found themselves in a position where they didn’t need to mention it so often, where it just simply plays at it is without being constantly highlighted,” he says. “I think over the course of the season they developed a lot of confidence in it, and the way that I’m playing it, that it’s accepted and well publicized.”
Publicity has done wonders for the show overall. Braugher explains the power that word of mouth has had for the show and they’ve been fortunate to have people looking for it and enjoying what’s coming out — but of course, that means you have to be consistently putting out good comedy. 
“There’s nothing worse than your friend recommending  a show and it turns out to be a dud. I know at least the first five episodes are really solid episodes,” Braugher says. 
Part of the anticipation from Season 2 comes from the news that Kyra Sedgwick will be joining the cast for a major story arc this season. An arc that means big trouble for Holt as Sedgwick will be portraying his rival,  Madeline Wuntch. 
“It ignites a childish aspect to these really stoic characters — the obsession with getting back at or being on top of this nemesis. Kyra Sedgwick’s whole storyline has been a lot of fun for me.” Braugher says, “I think people are in for a treat.” 
Season 2 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” premieres Sunday, Sept. 28 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. 
Posted by:Megan Vick