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Season 1 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” had quite the nice line-up of guest stars — Craig Robinson, Patton Oswalt, Stacy Keach — but tonight’s episode (Oct. 5) was something a little more special.
The department evaluation
Kyra Sedgwick guests as Deputy Police Chief Wuntch, a blast from Capt. Holt’s past with an ax to grind. Seems she had a thing for Holt and, as he says, “sabotaged my career because I wouldn’t bed her.” Holt enlists Santiago the “teacher’s pet” to help him spit-shine the department for her evaluation. 
Turns out, however, that it was a bit of a misunderstanding, and she actually wrote him a great recommendation before, and she’s a bit put off by Holt’s recollection — she was more upset about him somehow embarrassing her in front of Derek Jeter. Santiago calls Holt out and says he’s going to have to “cajole” her a little harder to keep himself in charge of the 99th because they all need him.
In the end, they get a 2.7, which keeps Holt in charge. Hopefully we’ll see more of Sedgwick because she had some great chemistry with Andrea Braugher.
Meanwhile … 
We need more Sarge and Peralta episodes! The only thing funnier than usually funny Terry Crews is Terry Crews pretending to be whacked out on drugs. There have to be some serious outtakes for the scene between he and “Tiny Head” Peralta (please release those, FOX). But the Captain telling Peralta the truth about not wanting a vasectomy, and then the lengths Peralta goes to to try and “help” the Sarge out was some of the best banter this show has had. He’s a friend friend now! Not just a work friend! Awww.
Best Lines:

  • “You’re the milk because you’re so full of protein.” — Peralta
  • “Ross, bro! Ross!” — Terry 
  • “Sorry, Terry turned my spine into a loose stack of pebbles.” — Peralta
  • “Just because we have secret, shameful sex doesn’t mean that we’re friends.” — Gina
    “Forget friends. Let’s go as bone bros.” — Boyle
  • “Sebastian from ‘The Little Mermaid!'” — Boyle
And Kyra Sedgwick’s eyebrow game is amazing. But what’s the story with Derek Jeter? And do you think Diaz and Boyle will actually ever end up together?
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs Sundays now at 8:30 p.m. on FOX.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson