andy samberg melissa fumero brooklyn nine nine beach house fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Season 2 winter premiere: Drunk Amy proves she's not the worst
Attention, party people: The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” team knows how to vacation the right way … especially Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero).

In Sunday’s (Jan. 4) winter premiere, the gang heads on over to Charles Boyle’s (Joe Lo Truglio) beach house — well, actually, he shares it with his ex-wife and only gets to use it December through February — for a “Detective’s Only Getaway,” but Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) accidentally-on-purpose kind of ruins the bonding trip when he invites Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) to join them.

The thing is, even though most humor of the episode should come from Holt party crashing their beach vacation, most of the funny comes from Santiago. Why? Well, she’s drunk almost the entire time.

This isn’t some sort of “everyone is better when they’re drunk” statement — it’s more like a “drunk Santiago shows fans a different (and better) side of Santiago” statement. As a viewer, Santiago’s stick-up-her-butt attitude gets in the way of the humor of almost every episode because she’s always trying to be the best. Although it could be argued that a show needs a straight man and that she’s just filling that role, she really isn’t. She’s just unnecessarily annoying.

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However, “Beach House” brings out another side of Santiago (well, according to Gina, five different sides), which is a seriously big gulp of fresh air. You see, Gina (Chelsea Peretti) notices that Santiago takes on a different personality with each drink she has — spacey Amy, loud Amy, dance-pants Amy, pervy Amy and weirdly-confident Amy — and she wants to see what would happen if Santiago has a sixth drink. (Turns out she’s just “sad and lonely Amy.”)

Throughout the rest of the episode, viewers catch a glimpse of all of the different Santiagos, proving that she can be way, way funnier. Because, seriously, how great is pervy Santiago telling Rosa that she can see her boobs in the hot tub? It isn’t even that she’s talking about her coworkers breasts — because, alone, that’s not really all that funny — it’s the lighthearted attitude that she says it with. It isn’t forced and stuck up; it’s just natural and honest, a side of Santiago that viewers rarely get to see.

Obviously this doesn’t mean she should stop sucking up to Holt or being the Type-A person that she is; it just means she should get some more moments to shine while she’s sucking up to Holt and making sure her pencils are in order. She doesn’t need to be drunk Amy, she just needs to be real Amy.

(The other MVP of the episode? Boyle for this one thought that came out of his brain: “Mmm, texting. That’s the most intimate thing you can do to a lover with your fingers. Other than washing their hair.”)

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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