brooklyn nine nine terry crews fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine's' Terry Crews is excited about the move to Sundays

Zap2it: As “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” nears the start of its second season, how does it feel to get back to work on it?
Terry Crews: Oh, it’s so good. I can’t wait for people to see it … and now, FOX has given us the best thing we could ever ask for, with the best time slot ever. We’re moving to Sunday nights (Sept. 28), right after “The Simpsons” and right before “Family Guy,” so what can I say?
Then you have NFL football that will play all day Sunday, and people can go right into “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” from that. You can’t ask for more support — and with the cast and the writing, it just gets better and better. And the best thing about the show is that we just got started.
Zap2it: Having a football background yourself, what kind of connection do you maintain to the NFL now?
Terry Crews: I like to talk to the guys about the transition to other things, because football tends to be a very insular world. It’s kind of like if you were a farmer, you would get together with all the other farmers. If the crops were bad, all of a sudden, your whole life was bad.
Then you might go to the city and realize, “Hey, wait. Farming is not everything.” That’s what happened to me. When I moved to L.A. and it didn’t have a football team, it really struck me. I turned the TV off on Sundays, and I realized my life kept going. It really blew me away when I went to Europe during football season, and I couldn’t even find the NFL [on TV]. It’s a big world with a whole lot out there.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin