“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has a special treat in store for viewers for Thanksgiving 2016. Not only is the gang celebrating together at Amy’s (Melissa Fumero) house, but we get to meet her dad, Victor Santiago, played by the always wonderful Jimmy Smits.

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In typical Amy fashion, this Thanksgiving is micro-managed down to the tiniest detail, and Screener is happy to exclusively debut a sneak peek at “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” guide to a successful Thanksgiving.

1. Set out special holiday decor

Definitely do not forget the fancy napkins.

“What do you guys like better, classic bishop hat fold or crown fold? Now, the crown is more showy, but the bishop hat has a certain dignity,” says Amy, to which Gina (Chelsea Peretti) deadpans, “I’ll kill myself if it’s not the crown fold.”

2. Keep the conversation light and fun

Especially when you’re all apparently trapped in a bathroom. But maybe don’t start talking about having sex with your girlfriend in front of her father, Jake (Andy Samberg).

3. Only serve the freshest ingredients

Oh dear god, Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is going to kill a live turkey for Thanksgiving.

“You know what they say — the yummiest turkey is the one that just died in your hands,” Boyle tells everyone, who all look properly horrified.

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And don’t forget — Amy has given you assigned bathroom breaks and “don’t be late or [she’ll] slit your throats.”

Happy Thanksgiving from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”! Celebrate with “Mr. Santiago” Tuesday (Nov. 22) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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