Bruce Jenner at the Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day in 2013Bruce Jenner has halted production on a reality show documenting his transition from being a man to a woman, TMZ reports. 

The site says Jenner’s decision comes after he felt pressure from producers and has growing concerns about his family handling the process. 
“He wants to make sure his three sons [Burt, Brody and Brandon] are ‘in a good place’ to handle the radical change he’s undergoing,” TMZ says. Sources tell the site Jenner ideally would like the boys to be in a proper place psychologically with the transition before proceeding with filming. 
Reps for E! declined comment to Zap2it
Also of concern: Jenner’s recent car accident that killed a woman has caused some emotional issues he would like to get worked out. 
As of right now the docuseries is still planned to happen, but Jenner can decide to pull out at any time. 
Although the Bunim/Murray-produced series will most likely no longer premiere in May, TMZ reports Jenner’s sitdown with Diane Sawyer to talk about his transition is proceeding on schedule.  
Posted by:Sarah Huggins