Bryan Cranston sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show for a game of "You Lyin’, Bryan?" and it was revealed that the actor has a dangerous side akin to his famous TV character, Walter White.

OK, well maybe not that dangerous.

In the game, the former "Breaking Bad" star states a random fact about himself and the talk show host has to discern whether or not he is telling the truth.

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As if going up against an Emmy-winning actor in a game about lying wasn't already hard, DeGeneres seems at a loss figuring out if Cranston's crazy stories actually happened. The biggest surprise is when Cranston informs her that he was once a murder suspect ... and that is not a lie.

The actor goes on to describe the short-version of the story to the talk show host, which is that someone killed a chef at a restaurant where Cranston worked and he and his brother were suspects because they left for a trip right when it happened.

"For a period of time they were looking for us. I didn't murder him, though. I murdered someone else," quips the actor.

Other trivia that DeGeneres learns about the star are that he has a "Breaking Bad" tattoo and he was once covered in 100,000 bees.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes